Specimen Collection, Transport & Safety

There are many hundreds of different tests available and finding the information to help you collect the right specimen in the right container for the test you require can sometimes be confusing. The following links may help you find the information you require.

General Specimen Collection Information
Obtaining Pathology Supplies (containers, request forms, etc.)
Specimen Acceptance Policy (Including a Summary of the Policy)
Blood Collection Guides (Vacutainer selection chart & alphabetical list of blood tests with sample bottle collection guide)
Completing Pathology Request Forms (Paper Requests and Order Coms Requests)
Specimen Storage Guidelines (When a delay in transportation is unavoidable – updated July 2018).
High Risk Specimens and Safety
Specimen Collection Handling & Transportation version 1.4 (Laboratory Procedures & Guidance). Note: Some links in this document may not open from non-NDHT locations. If you require information from a non-opening link please contact the Pathology Quality Manager on 01271 335758.
General Specimen Transportation Information
Packing Specimens Ready for Transport
Transporting Specimens to the N.D.D.H. Pathology Laboratory
Spillage or Leakage of Specimens during Transportation

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Last updated: August 14, 2018