Pathology Computer System

Pathology Computer System (LabCentre)

LabCentre is the computer system responsible for the storage and reporting of Pathology results.

Guide: How to use Labcentre to look up results

Pathology Result Enquiry

Staff Requiring Access to Pathology Results

As a member of staff, you should already have access to :-

(i) The NDHT hospital computer network
(ii) NHSmail – e-mail application

Your line manager or Medical HR should have already requested access to the Pathology Computer System – (electronic staff registration (NDHT) or PT1 – PT6 forms (non-NDHT))

NDHT Medical Staff (Doctors) – on-line training
Log onto NHSmail and open the email from Pathology I.T. (pathit) with a subject heading of ‘NDHT Pathology Computer Access’.
This email will contain the login and password information you will need to access the Pathology Computer System.
On-line training is available using the ‘Training Tracker’ application.
Tutored training (1–2hr) is available – book a training session using STAR (on BoB) or contact ‘Workforce Development’ on 01237 420261.
All other staff – tutored training
Login and password are supplied at the tutored training course (‘Pathology Result Enquiry’) – book a training session (1 – 2hr) using STAR (on BoB) or contact ‘Workforce Development’ on 01237 420261.

Access to results from the following NDHT departments are available:-

Result Enquiry User Guide is available here and is also supplied at the training session.

Help – Labcentre System
Please contact the Pathology Application Manager if you have any problems or queries concerning the access or use of LabCentre.

Help – GP Order Coms System

Should you need help and advice in the use of the order coms system or are experiencing difficulties with it, contact either Jo Tucker or Nadine Williams in Pathology I.T. on 01271 322324 or email

Rob Stradling – Pathology Application Manager
external telephone no. : 01271 322324 – answer phone when not available
internal extension : ext 2324 – answer phone when not available
email :

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Last updated: July 4, 2019