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Policies and Guidelines

Reference Ranges


Within the main pathology department on level one.

Hours for Routine Work

Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 17:30 pm, Saturday 09:00 to 12:30


Contact information

Duty Consultant Haematologist (via secretary) tel: 01271 349198 or internal extension 3198

Sarah Hayes, Blood Sciences Manager ext 3232 or 01271 370232

Becky-Lee Halls, Blood Transfusion Manager ext. 3199 or 01271 349199

Jenny Hodgson/Hannah Thomas, Senior Biomedical Scientists, Haematology Dept, NDDH ext 2329 or 01271 322329

Haematology laboratory NDDH ext 2329 or 01271 322329

Transfusion laboratory NDDH ext 2327 or 01271 322327

Fax NDDH ext 2328 or 01271 322328

On-call biomedical scientist, bleep 045 or via switchboard, (17:30 – 09:00 Mon-Fri, weekends and bank holidays)

For clinical advice out of hours (17:30 – 09:00 Mon-Fri, weekends and bank holidays) contact the on-call Consultant Haematologist via the NDDH switchboard.

General information

This department is highly automated and computerised. The benefits are reliable assays, high throughput, rapid specimen turnaround and return of results. The department is, however, totally dependent on the requesting practitioner for accurate information and without this results can, and frequently do, go astray. Please give as much information as you can (hospital number or NHS Number, full name, date of birth, address etc. ) so that patients can be positively identified. A pink report is returned, the majority of results within one working day. Exceptions include thrombophilia screens, which are batched before testing, and those specialised requests sent to accredited Regional laboratories, e.g. Von Willebrand screens and Factor 5 Leiden mutation screening. Should you be worried by a delay please ring EXT 2329.

The department subscribes to external quality control schemes that cover every aspect of our work. Our performance in these schemes is open to inspection.

Our commitment is that this department will provide accurate and timely results and advice, to be of help in the diagnosis and care of the Patient. Grossly abnormal and clinically significant results will be telephoned back to the GP surgery, ward or doctor as soon as possible after testing. Tests may be added to your request or those that contribute little to patient management may be deleted.


Please try to make a point of coming to the laboratory at some time to look around and meet the staff.

You are encouraged to discuss Haematological investigations with the duty Consultant Haematologist, or senior members of the department; Sarah Hayes, Blood Sciences Manager or Jenny Hodgson and Hannah Thomas, Senior Biomedical Scientists (Haematology) or Becky-Lee Halls,  Blood Transfusion Manager, using the contact numbers above.

With the exception of a Full Blood Count (which includes haemoglobin, white cell count with differential, and platelet count ) all requests for investigation should be made with a specific purpose in mind. Investigations, some of which are expensive, should not be repeated unnecessarily. For example, D Dimer assays are meaningless if the patient is a) on anticoagulants already or b) has a pre-existing condition other than suspected vte. Reference ranges or interpretation are supplied when the results are reported. For any queries, do not hesitate to contact one of the senior members of the laboratory staff.

Generally, GHB tests will NOT be re-analysed within 30 days of a previous request. Rheumatoid factor screens will not be performed within 180 days, and tests such as HLA B27 or screening for haemoglobin S, will only be performed once.

Haematology Clinics

Daily consultant-led clinics are held in the North Devon District Hospital Outpatients’ Department between 09:00 and 13:00 for patients. There is also a clinic held in Stratton hospital every three months. For more information relating to Haematology clinics please contact the Haematology secretary on 01271 349198 (internal extension 3198).

Haematology Tests Referred to other Laboratories for Analysis

The following link  shows a list of external laboratories where we refer some Haematology tests for analysis, (last checked January 2019 ):-

Referred Tests to Other Laboratories

We check the UKAS Accreditation status of labs where we refer work, to ensure that those organisations have been judged to provide a quality service which has been independently assessed.

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Last updated: February 7, 2020