Add On Tests

We are aware that on occasion it is necessary to request additional tests for a sample already in the laboratory. Most tests are stable, and may be added to a properly stored sample up to 4 days after receipt. Some are more labile and may not be added on outside certain time intervals. We will accommodate additional requests where possible, provided that:

  • The appropriate specimen type with sufficient sample remaining is available.
  • The test does not require special specimen handling.

There are 3 main methods by which additional tests may be requested:

  • Via phone to the laboratory
    • For urgent additions only
      • Biochemistry - 2344
      • Haematology - 2329
    • A follow up form is always required
  • Via email (outside NDHT) or using the Intranet portal (within NDHT)
    • For non-urgent additions
    • No additional form is required
  • Writing a request form and sending it to the laboratory, indicating the sample has already been received
    • For non-urgent additions.

Information required for all requests is as follows:

  • Name, Date of Birth and NHS number of patient
  • Tests to be added
  • Name and contact number of requester (to contact with results)

Last updated: April 7, 2020