User Satisfaction

The Pathology Department regularly reflects on the service it provides to primary and secondary care users. Questionnaires on a range of topics are one way of capturing user satisfaction levels. Where these have been conducted the results of responses are collated and used to improve the Pathology Service offered within the Trust and primary care settings.

The most recent user satisfaction survey was finally issued to GPs and other GP practice staff in May 2021 after a delay due to the Covid-19 situation. responses were received and collated into a report which has a link below. Findings form the report were discussed at the Pathology Operational Group meeting and where possible, improvements and follow up discussions with GPs have been implemented.

We also welcome feedback from other sources, and capture all opinions and criticisms from users (emails, verbal comments, ‘contact-us’ e-forms complaints and compliments) and act on these to improve our service.

We take all comments and responses seriously and thank those who responded for expressing their thoughts.

Report of the 2021 General Practice Users’ Satisfaction Survey

Previous Pathology Users Satisfaction Reports

Last updated: January 25, 2022