Unaccredited Pathology Tests to ISO 15189:2012


  • Blood Gas tests (including glucose, lactate and electrolytes) done on all blood gas analysers on wards.*
  • LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase)++
  • Placental Growth Factor (PlGF)++
  • Soluble fms-like Tyrosine Kinase-1++
  • PET Ratio++
  • Procalcitonin (PCT)++
  • Gentamicin++

Haematology & Blood Transfusion:

  • ESR test*
  • Glycated Haemaglobin (GHB, HbA1c)++
  • Sickle Cell & Thalasseamia testing++
  • Optical platelet count++
  • Column agglutination test++
  • Electronic Crossmatch testing++


  • Trichomonas Vaginalis*+
  • Flu A, Flu B and RSV tests done in A/E (seasonal activity)*
  • Detection of SARS Covid 2 – (Using the Kingfisher Flex and PCR amplification using Cobas z480)++
  • Detection of Helicobacter pylori – (Using the Prolab Proflow kit)++
  • Detection of Rotavirus and adenovirus – (Using the Certest kit)++
  • Detection of Legionella and pneumococcal urinary antigen – Using the (Abbott BinaxNOW kit)++

GeneXpert analyser tests:

  • Covid-19 (SARS Covid 2)++
  • Influenza A/B, RSV++
  • MRSA++
  • C.Difficile++
  • Norovirus & GC++

Cellular Pathology:

  • p40 antibody stain*, Myoglobin antibody stain*, Phloxine Tatrazine special stain*.

*  These tests are not in our scope of accredited tests and there are no plans to include them in the future.
+ There is no internal quality control available for this test and it is not included in an EQA scheme, however it is part of the laboratory’s Internal Quality Assurance programme.
++ These laboratory tests are either scheduled to be assessed for accreditation or waiting the outcome following an assessment.

Last updated: October 28, 2022