Semen Analysis

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Please note:
An appointment is necessary for all types of semen sample, as there are specific times when semen specimens are accepted by the laboratory. This link provides instructions on when and how to obtain a semen sample, as well as how to book an appointment.

In cases of persistent non-motile sperm, the referring clinician should advise the individual regarding the cessation of other contraceptive precautions. Further fresh samples should be examined and these must reach the laboratory within one hour.

Sample Container:

60ml white top, Sterilin non-cytotoxic pot. This is available from Pathology Stores as part of the semen analysis specimen collection kit.

Vasectomy Reversals
These will be treated as a fertility semen analysis unless otherwise indicated on the request form.
Specimens should be received in the laboratory within 1 hour of the sample being produced for fertility analysis and 4 hours for post vasectomy samples.

Semen Analysis Specimen Collection Kit
Specimen collection kits for semen analysis (post vasectomy and infertility investigations) are available on request from Pathology stores Tel: (01271) 322342.

The sample collection kit includes the following: –
∙ Cytotoxicity tested specimen container (60ml, white top, wide mouth Sterilin container).
∙ Microbiology request form
∙ Instruction sheet
∙ Specimen bag

Reporting Semen Analysis Results

Results are usually available on the pathology computer system within 48 hours of receipt in the laboratory but are also reported back to the patients’ GP and/or requesting clinician/team.

There are new reference ranges for all the fertility parameters which incorporate a pathological, borderline and normal range. These are ESHRE guidelines and replace the ranges outlined by WHO 2010 manual.  These references ranges are physically too large to be incorporated in their entirety as part of our lab reports, so we only report the ‘Normal’ ranges and have included the full reference range table below:

Table of normal range for semen infertility results (ESHRE guidelines)1
Total sperm count<2020-79>=80106/ejaculate
Motility (motile)<4040-59>=60%
Motility (rapid)<3535-49>=50%
Morphology typical forms by Strict criteria<44-13>14%
TZI (Tetrazoospermic index)>1.81.61-1.8<=1.60
  1. Human Reproduction, Vol.26, No.12 pp. 3207–3212, C.L.R. Barratt, Bjorndahl, R. Menkveld, and D. Mortimer 2011 ESHRE Special Interest Group for Andrology Basic semen analysis course:a continued focus on Accuracy, Quality,Efficiency and Clinical relevance

Last updated: April 9, 2021