The Microbiology laboratory provides a UKAS accredited diagnostic service for primary and secondary care. Routine bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology and andrology tests are provided on site. Specialist testing is provided by UKAS accredited referral laboratories within the UK.

Syndromic Requesting for Infections

Syndromic requesting is available for primary care users. This can be useful when deciding which tests to request for a particular syndrome group, e.g. hepatitis, inoculation injury sexual health and fertility. By selecting a syndrome group you can then select a specific syndrome that best describes your patient, this in turn shows you the correct tests to request in the GP Ordercoms system.

Syndromic requesting will be available for hospital clinicians and their teams as part of the Electronic Healthcare Record system implementation. Until this is completed, if you can’t find the information on which tests to request for suspected infections on this page, please contact the laboratory using the Contact Us page.


Microbiology Clinical Advice: For any enquiries regarding clinical advice, please contact the Duty Consultant on bleep 193 or out of hours through the hospital switchboard. Please note this service is for health professionals only.


Microbiology Secretary:  01271-349199) (3199)
Laboratory Enquiries:     01271 322347/48 (2347/2348)
Laboratory Manager:       01271-3270278 (3278)

Consultant Microbiologists:
Dr Tom Lewis              01271-322384 (2384)
Dr David Richards      01271-322320 (2320)

Last updated: February 18, 2021