Plasma Viscosity, Viscosity, PV, Visc

Name Plasma Viscosity, Viscosity, PV, Visc
Tube TypePurple (EDTA)
Reporting UnitsN/A
Reference Range1.50 – 1.72 mPa/s
AvailabilityReferred test – see below
Target turnaround time5 Days
Special requirements & notesThe CRP test is generally used as the routine inflammatory marker.

There are only occasional cases which require specifically a plasma viscosity measurement  For these patients plasma viscosity will be undertaken as a send-away test, (analysed in Exeter), if clinical criteria are met. Clinical indications are shown below:

Rheumatological Disorders:
PMR, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhoea, 2 w/w colorectal patients, sarcoidosis, SLE, Langerhan’s cell histiocytosis, vasculitis, TIA,
? Sjorgens, GCA/TA

Haematological Disorders
Waldenstroms, myeloma

Other Conditions
Metastatic renal cancer

Patient preparationN/A
Volume required1 tube, must be full.
If delayed transport to lab, store:In refrigerator 2 – 8oC
Factors affecting result interpretation
Time limit for add on test4 Days
Pathology disciplineHaematology
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Last updated: July 16, 2021