Factor V Leiden

NameFactor V Leiden
Tube TypeBlue (Sodium Citrate)
Reporting Units
Reference RangeN/A
Analytical RangeN/A
AvailabilityIs only performed as part of a thrombophilia screen
Target turnaround time14 Days.
Special requirements & notesAn Oxford ‘request form MUST be completed for each request.

Referred either Bristol or Oxford for analysis depending on adherence to the thrombophillia guidelines, see below.

Patient preparationN/A
Volume required1 tube (2.7ml) must be full.

(Note: more tubes will be required for the other tests in the thrombophilia screen.)

If delayed transport to lab, store:Must be received in laboratory within an hour of taking sample.
Factors affecting result interpretationPlease refer to thrombophilia guidelines on BOB
Time limit for add on testN/A
Pathology disciplineHaematology
‘Lab Tests Online’ linkhttps://labtestsonline.org.uk/tests/factor-v-leiden-mutation-and-pt-20210-mutation

Last updated: November 23, 2022