Coagulation Factors II, V, VII, VIII or IX etc.

NameFll, FV, FVll, FVlll OR FlX etc
Tube TypeBlue (Sodium Citrate)
Reporting UnitsN/A
Reference RangeContact laboratory
Analytical RangeN/A
AvailabilityNDDH (24/7)
Target turnaround time1-10 days depending on factor & urgency.
Special requirements & notesContact lab first. Fresh specimen always required.
Patient preparation
Volume requiredMust be a full sample:
Adult 2.7ml , Paediatric 1ml
If delayed transport to lab, store:Must be received in laboratory within 4 hours of taking sample.
Factors affecting result interpretationCertain drugs can affect results.
Time limit for add on testAdd on test not possible: Must have fresh samples.
Pathology disciplineHaematology
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Last updated: May 28, 2020