Diagnostic Cytology

Non-Gynae Cytology (Diagnostic Cytopathology) is the diagnosis of disease at the cellular level from cells taken from any location except the cervix. It involves the collection, preservation, staining and microscopic examination of cells that have been extracted from the body, mostly in fluid form.

A variety of human diseases can be diagnosed in this way including infections, crystal deposition diseases and benign tumours but the primary aim of the procedure is in the diagnosis of cancer and pre-cancer without the need for surgery.

Click the following link to access the Non-Gynae Cytology Handbook. This Handbook is aimed at clinical practitioners who request non-gynaecology cytology tests and need information relating to:

  • Patient preparation
  • Specimen collection techniques
  • Specimen preservation and specimen containers required

A leaflet designed for patients which gives instruction on how to collect a urine sample for cytology can be accessed here.

Instructions for clinicians and nursing staff on how to prepare urine specimens for sending can be accessed here.


Cell Pathology Secretaries: 01271 349197
Laboratory Enquiries: 012711-322340

Consultant Histopathologists and Specialist Doctors:

Dr Adetope Adegbayibi, Lead Consultant Histopathologist: tel 01271 349197

Dr Jason Davies, Consultant Histopathologist: tel 01271 349197

Dr Nicolas Ward, Consultant Histopathologist: tel 01271 349197

Dr Aralola Olusanya, Speciality Doctor: tel 01271 349197

Dr Binit KhandeliaSpeciality Doctor: tel 01271 349197

Last updated: September 2, 2022