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Pathology Contact Telephone Numbers

Advice from Biomedical Scientists Out of Hours

Biochemistry & Haematology

There is no need to call or bleep the oncall Biomedical Scientists (BMSs) up until midnight, unless the patient is in a life-threatening condition. Staff will check for the arrival of specimens every 30 minutes. After midnight, you must contact the BMSs through switchboard so that they know there are specimens on the way.


Contact the oncall Biomedical Scientist through switchboard at all times.

Clinical Advice Out of Hours

Biochemistry & Haematology & Microbiology

Clinical Advice from a Pathology Consultant can be obtained outside of normal hours by contacting the N.D.D.H. switchboard—dial 0 from inside the hospital or 01271 322577 and ask for the consultant you require.

Daytime Contact Information

Pathology Services ManagerContact Details
Lee LuscombeTel: 3754 (311754)
Lead Clinician for Pathology – Dr Tom LewisTel: 2798 (322798)
Biochemistry DepartmentTel 2345 (322345)
Mary Stapleton, Principal Clinical BiochemistTel: 2419 (322419)
Sarah Hayes, Blood Sciences ManagerTel 3232 (370232)
General Biochemistry Laboratory EnquiriesTel 2345 (322345)
CLINICAL ADVICE EMAIL  (non-urgent requests for advice)
ADD-ON TESTS EMAIL (to add tests on to a previous sample)
Haematology & Blood Transfusion Department Tel 2329 (322329)
Lead Consultant Haematologist, Dr. David VealeTel: 3198 (349198)
Haematology SecretaryTel: 3198 (349198)
Sarah Hayes, Blood Sciences ManagerTel 3232 (370232)
Becky-Lee Halls, Blood Transfusion ManagerTel 3199 (349199)
Melanie Bowyer/ Dawn Gray, Haematology CNSTel: 3198 (349198)
Kathleen Wedgeworth I.V. Fluids/Transfusion CNSTel: 2440 (322440)
General Haematology Laboratory EnquiriesTel 2329 (322329)
General Transfusion Laboratory EnquiriesTel 2327 (322327)
CLINICAL ADVICE EMAIL  (non-urgent requests for advice)
ADD-ON TESTS EMAIL (to add tests on to a previous sample)
Microbiology DepartmentTel 2347 (322347)
Vacant Position, Lead Consultant MicrobiologistTel: 2798 (322798)
Dr David Richards, Consultant MicrobiologistTel: 2320 (322320)
Dr Tom Lewis, Consultant Microbiologist & Pathology Lead ClinicianTel: 5803 (337803)
Annette West, Microbiology Laboratory ManagerTel: 3278 (370278)
General Microbiology Laboratory EnquiriesTel 2347 (322347)
CLINICAL ADVICE EMAIL  (non-urgent requests for advice)
ADD-ON TESTS EMAIL (to add tests on to a previous sample)
Cellular Pathology DepartmentTel: 2340 (322340)
Dr Nicolas Ward, Consultant HistopathologistTel: 3197 (349197)
Dr Jason Davies, Consultant HistopathologistTel: 3197 (349197)
Dr Andrew Bull, Consultant HistopathologistTel: 3197 (349197)
Dr Mary Alexander, Consultant HistopathologistTel: 3197 (349197)
Histopathology SecretaryTel: 3197 (349197)
Lee Luscombe, Cellular Pathology  & Mortuary/Bereavement Service ManagerTel: 3754 (311754)
General Cell. Path. Laboratory EnquiriesTel: 2340 (322340)
Bereavement Support OfficeTel: 2404 (322404)
CLINICAL ADVICE EMAIL  (non-urgent requests for advice)
Pathology Computer Manager
Rob StradlingTel: 2324 (322324)
Pathology Quality Manager
Bruce SeymourTel: 5758 (335758)
Point of Care Manager
David O’NeillTel: 3114 (349114)
Specimen Reception Supervisor
Lynda SinclairTel: 2321 (322321)
Pathology Department PA
Rebecca NealeTel: 2796 (322796)
Pathology Supplies/Consumables
Marcus MiltonTel: 2342 (322342)
N.D.D.H. Switchboard Tel:0 (322577)

Internal telephone extensions are shown above. Numbers in brackets are the direct dial numbers from outside the hospital.
Barnstaple area code is 01271.

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Last updated: February 7, 2020