Test-Specific Specimen Collection Information

Blood Tube Collection Guides

Vacuette selection chart & blood sample collection guide for Biochemistry, Haematology, Serology & Transfusion tests

Biochemistry Specimen Collection (Extra Information)

Please Note: Blood gas specimens sent in the syringe MUST have the needle removed and replaced by a blind hub.

Alphabetical Listing of Assays

Collection of CSF Specimens for Xanthochromia Testing

Analysis turnaround time
Time Limits for Requesting Additional Examinations
Results enquiry
Requesting groups

Haematology Specimen Collection (Extra Information)

Alphabetical Listing of Assays

Policies and Guidelines
Reference Ranges

Microbiology Specimen Collection

Medical microbiology specimen collection guide.

Cellular Pathology Specimen Collection

(Histology: tissue biopsies & resection specimens , non-gynae cytology specimens etc.)           N.b after link opens, scroll down the page for non-gynae cytology information.

General Specimen Collection, Handling & Transport Information

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