Please find below an A-Z list of our tests offered in or via the NDHT laboratory. Click on the name to find out more about the service provided and other related information.


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Key factors which could affect some assays, such as haemolysis, lipaemia and specimen contamination can be found on the Clinical Biochemistry Assays page.

For information relating to Dynamic Function Tests (e.g.: Fluid Deprivation Test, Glucose Tolerance Test, Synacthen Test, Dexamethasone Suppression Test and Aldosterone/Renin Ratio), please contact the laboratory on 01271 322344 (or ext. 2344 if calling from within NDDH).

Blood Tests


Tube Colour

*Average Turnaround Time (TAT)


ACTHPURPLE30 daysContact laboratory
AldosteronePURPLE30 daysContact laboratory
Alkaline Phosphatase isoenzymesGOLD15 days
α1 AntitrypsinGOLD10 daysPhenotype if low
AluminiumTR12 daysDialysis only
Amino AcidsGOLD20 days
AndrostenedioneGOLD15 days
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme  (ACE )GOLD14 days
Anti Acetylcholine Receptor (ACR)GOLD20 days
Anti-CardiolipinGOLD14 days
Anti-CCPGOLD12 days
Anti-dsDNAGOLD14 days
Anti-ENAGOLD14 days
Anti-GAD, IA2, ZNT8GOLD20 days
Anti-Glomerular Basement Membrane  (GBM) antibodiesGOLD10 days
Anti-Islet Cell antibodiesGOLD18 days
Anti-Mullerian HormoneGOLD15 days
Anti MuSK AntibodiesGOLD22 days
Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA) or Auto-Immune  profile (AIP)GOLD12 days
Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody ANCA)GOLD10 days
β2 MicroglobulinGOLD10 days
Blood Gas (Arterial)Blood Gas Syringe, on ice if delayed.1 hrRemove needle from syringe and seal with a blind hub.
Complement -C3 Complement - C4GOLD10 daysAdults
GOLD10 daysAdults
CA15-3GOLD13 days
CA19-9GOLD10 days
CaeruloplasminGOLD11 days
CalciumGOLD2 hrsVaries with albumin
CarbamazepineGOLD7 dayspre dose
CarboxyhaemoglobinPURPLE or blood gas syringe1 hr
CholinesteraseGOLD10 daysPhenotype if low
ChromiumTR14 days
CobaltTR14 days
CopperGOLD14 days
C PeptidePURPLE10 daysContact laboratory
CryoglobulinsPURPLE & Vacuette4 daysSend samples to lab in flask - Contact lab
CiclosporinPURPLE8 daysTrough value
CytogeneticsLH-Reports sent directly to requester
Down’s screenGOLD7 days
Electrolytes – SodiumGOLD2 hrs
Electrolytes –PotassiumGOLD 2 hrs
Electrolytes – ChlorideGOLD 2 hrs
Electrolytes – UreaGOLD 2 hrs
Electrolytes –CreatinineGOLD2 hrs
ErythropoietinPURPLE15 daysContact
Age/sex related
FructosamineGOLD Or PURPLE10 daysAvailable only in cases of abnormal haemoglobin and other haemolytic disorders
GastrinPURPLE30 daysFasting, contact laboratory
GlucagonPURPLE30 daysStraight to lab
Growth HormoneGOLD10 daysRandom of little use
Gut HormonesPURPLE30 daysStraight to lab
17 Hydroxy-progesteroneGOLD13 daysInfants >48h old.
IgAGOLD4 hrsAge related
IgGGOLD4 hrsAge related
IgG subclassesGOLD14 days
IgMGOLD4 hrsAge related
IgEGOLD12 daysAge related
InsulinPURPLE17 daysContact laboratory
Insulin Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1)GOLD12 daysAge related
LeadPURPLE15 days
Light Chain ratio/Serum free light chainsGOLD10 days
Lysosomal enzymesPURPLE17 daysContact laboratory
Mast cell tryptaseGOLD21 daysContact laboratory
MetHbPURPLE or blood gas syringe6 hrsFresh for spectroscopy
Molecular GeneticsPURPLE-Reports sent directly to requestor
OsmolalityGOLD4 hrsVaries with hydration
ParaproteinGOLD4 days
PhenobarbitoneGOLD10 daysPre dose
PhenytoinGOLD7 daysPre dose
Porphyrin Screen4 hrsContact laboratory
Procollagen III PeptideV14 days
Protein electrophoresisGOLD4 days
RAST (Specific IgE)GOLD14 daysSpecify allergen(s)
ReninPURPLE30 daysContact laboratory
SeleniumTR14 daysContact laboratory
TacrolimusPURPLE8 days
Dependant on TSH
Dependant on TSH
TPMTPURPLE10 daysPre azathioprine
TTGGOLD10 daysCoeliac screen
Very long chain Fatty Acids (VLFAs)GOLD28 days
VIPLH with trasylol30 daysContact laboratory
Vitamins  A and EGOLD20 daysKeep in dark
Voltage-gated Potassium or Calcium channel antibodiesGOLD21 days
ZincTR16 daysContact laboratory


CSF Tests

Test Specimen Ave. TAT*Notes
CSF Total ProteinGrey and Plain Universal1 hr
CSF LactateGREY2 hrsContact Laboratory
CSF Oligoclonal BandsPlain Universal 16 daysRequires a paired gold topped blood sample to exclude any effects of inflammaton


Faeces Tests

Test Ave. TAT*Notes
Calprotectin14 daysFresh sample
Elastase14 daysFresh sample
Porphyrins>7 daysContact laboratory
Reducing Substances14 daysTo be received within 30 minutes. Please contact the laboratory should you wish to discuss.

Urine Tests



Ave. TAT*


Amino acids

R or 24hr

21 days

Bence Jones protein

R or 24hr

4 days

Need EMU


R or 24hr

8 hrs


R or 24hr

21 days



14 days



30 days



10 days

Creatinine Clearance

RED plus 24hr

3 hrs

Take blood specimen some time during the same 24hr period


R or 24hr

21 days

Drugs of Abuse


10 days

State tests required

Electrolytes – SodiumR or 24hr50 –200 mmol/24 hr2 hrsAppropriateness is more relevant than a reference range
Electrolytes – PotassiumR or 24hr25 – 100 mmol/24hr2 hrs
Electrolytes – UreaR or 24hr250– 660mmol/24hr2 hrs
Electrolytes – CreatinineR or 24hr9 – 18 mmol/24hr2 hrs
HCGEMUSR2 hrsVaries with gestation
5 HIAA24hr acidified10 – 40 mmol/24hr14 days
ImmunofixationR or 24hrSR7 days
MicroalbuminVACR <2.5 (M)
ACR <3.5 (F)
6 hrs
24hr Special
SR30 daysContact laboratory
MethadoneRSR10 days
Metabolic ScreenRSugar and amino acid chromatography21 days
Metanephrine24hr acidified0 – 2.2 umol/24h(M)0 – 1.8 umol/24h(F)10 days
MucopolysaccharideRSR30 daysNeed EMU
Normetanephrine24hr acidified0 – 3.0 umol/24h (M) 0 – 3.0 umol/24h (F) (G/A)10 days
Organic acidsRSR21 days
OsmolalityR & VDepends on hydration4 hrs
OxalateR or 24hrSR21 days
PhosphateR or 24hrAdults:11 to 32 mmol/24h Children:up to 26 mmol/24h8 hrs
PorphobilinogenR & V / 24hrQualitative Screen17 daysKeep specimen in the dark
PorphyrinsR & V / 24hrQualitative Screen12 hrsKeep specimen in the dark
Reducing substancesR  FRESHQualitative only12 hrs
Protein (Random)V or 24hr -8 hrs
Uric AcidR or 24hr1190 - 2900 μmol/24hr8 hrs

Please contact the Pathology Quality Manager on 01271 335758 to discuss any aspect of analysis turnaround time.


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