Working with our communities

Building systems within systems

Underpinning One Northern Devon is the conviction that services are divided up organisationally in a way that does not help people get what they need and can sometimes make matters worse, particularly for the most vulnerable who often have multiple and complex needs and little support to navigate the system.

In addition, the vital role of communities to prevent ill-health is underestimated and under-resourced. There is no joined up support available to communities to deliver prevention and early intervention activities targeted to their local needs using their local intelligence and the power of local activism.

One Northern Devon is a ‘system’ that sits within the Devon Sustainability and Transformation Partnership. It recognises however, that working as a system in communities is just as important as working as a system at any other level. In fact, the smaller the system, the broader and more inclusive it is able to be. Community systems can (and do) include their local GP practices, schools, health & social care teams, community police team, local volunteer groups, employers and businesses. The opportunity to have such a broad membership working to the same local plan is one that One Northern Devon has recognised, building on the success of One Ilfracombe which started life as one of the Government’s  ‘Community Budget’ pilot areas in 2013.

Last updated: December 21, 2018