Information for paediatric teams

Dear Paediatric Locum:

Prior to your arrival you should have been sent a copy of The Paediatric Junior Doctor’s hand book (this is also found in the Locum file in the Doctor’s office). This describes your role on each shift and includes useful numbers etc. Please ask if you have any questions.

We are a small DGH, feed back from your colleagues in the past, has confirmed that the Consultants provide a far more “hands – on approach”, than possibly you have experienced at larger hospitals? The Consultants would prefer to be advised of an admission, at any time if:

  1. You or the Nurses have any reason for concern.
  2. If there is potential for the patient to become unstable during the night.
  3. Any premature delivery less than 32 weeks. As a level I SCBU we do not look after babies less than 30/40, or twins less than 32/40, although clearly not all mothers with premature babies can be transferred out prior to delivery.

During the working day (08.30 – 17.00 Mon – Fri) the Attending Consultant holds bleep 340. Out of hours we can be contacted by switchboard. If your patient is acutely unwell stay with the patient and ask someone to contact us via switchboard.

We currently have a limited number of protocols. On the Neonatal Unit we are using protocols from Derriford NICU which are in a file that the nurses can show you. Please ask if you have any doubt about patient management

One of the team on shift will handover and show you the relevant areas that you will be working in which may include Caroline Thorpe Ward (the paediatric ward), A&E especially the resuscitation area, the Delivery Suite, the Special Care Baby Unit and Bassett ward (the postnatal ward)

You will also need:

  1. A ‘Locum’ badge to allow access to SCBU, Delivery Suite and Bassett ward (please collect this from SCBU when you are shown round by the Doctor handing over to you)
  2. A swipe card to enter Caroline Thorpe Ward (obtained from the Ward Nurses)
  3. Passwords for accessing the results system and X-rays
  4. A password is also needed for the electronic discharge system which you will need to be shown how to use.

Attached is a form asking you to list your competencies please complete and hand it to the Consultant on-service on the day you arrive. Without this form and return of your swipe cards we will not be able to authorise your forms.

We welcome any feedback during or after your stay.

With Thanks,

Rebecca Rub, College Tutor

Last updated: October 3, 2017