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Read by QxMD helps you stay on top of the most important and cutting-edge research, read your favourite journals or browse article collections.


How do I access QxMD?

  • Visit https://read.qxmd.com/ or install the mobile app for iPhone/iPad or Android.
  • Click ‘Sign up’ with Email or Facebook and you’ll be prompted to add your institutional access so that you can access the library’s collection even off-site.
  • Complete your personalization options such as your professional status, specialties, and interests.
  • Use the circle icon with your initials to access your account settings.
  • Under ‘Institutional Access’, select ‘Add Institution’.
  • Search for Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and tap it when you find it in the list.
  • Select the proper login option.


Read by QxMD App – Go to the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store on your device.

Last updated: September 18, 2020