Your stories

We like to hear from you. Here are some stories our patients have shared with us, as told by them and the people who care for them.

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Potassium is part of a renal profile, the most commonly ordered test in pathology. High potassium is potentially a life-threatening medical emergency. Samantha shares her story about how some of her blood samples misleadingly showed high potassium levels, which meant she had to attend hospital unnecessarily. She talks about the impact this had on her life.

Dr Tom Lewis, consultant microbiologist at NDHT, shares his work with GP practices to improve how blood samples are collected and processed to avoid this from happening – all it takes is a simple centrifuge.


Alma came to the Emergency Department at North Devon District Hospital after falling at home. Tracey, urgent care nurse in the Pathfinder team, saw Alma whilst she was in hospital and her daughter Ruth, and worked with them to plan Alma’s discharge. Tracey listened to what Alma and Ruth both wanted and worked with them and a local residential home to arrange the best short-term solution before Alma was ready to return home. Alma felt ready to return home and regained her independence within days thanks to Tracey’s hard work.

Simon ‘Storm’ Norman

Simon ‘Storm’ Norman was admitted to North Devon District Hospital after a gall bladder stone blocked his pancreas. He needed to be put into an induced coma for nearly one month. Storm and his wife Carol talk about their experience, including what it felt like to be in a coma, and how the nursing team helped the couple and their 7-year-old son during this difficult time.

Joyce and Ann

Joyce is receiving care at home. Joyce and her daughter Ann talk about what it’s like to receive care at home and the impact it has had on her independence.

Mavis and George

One of our patients, Mavis, and Lynn Gill, Parkinson’s nurse specialist, talk about how a cat called George has made all the difference.



Last updated: August 8, 2019