You said, We did 2020-21

you saidwe did
On arrival at North Devon District Hospital, the waiting time in the queue for the COVID-19 vaccination clinic was too long.We introduced an extra vaccination station for use during peak periods to improve patient flow through the clinic and decrease waiting times.
A patient living in North Devon was required to travel to Exeter, rather than Barnstaple, for a COVID-19 test prior to the start of treatment because their treatment was to be received in Exeter.We established a reciprocal agreement with other Devon hospitals to prevent patients having to travel to other Devon hospitals for a COVID-19 test. Healthcare staff can complete a form for any North Devon patient who would benefit from receiving a COVID-19 test closer to home prior to a procedure or treatment at Plymouth, Exeter or Torbay hospitals.
Visiting restrictions during the pandemic led to an increase in the number of relatives/carers contacting the ward by telephone to obtain updates.

An increase in PALS contacts alerted us that relatives and carers were experiencing difficulty as the phone lines were so busy, causing frustration and anxiety.

Our Glossop Ward manager started a quality improvement project in collaboration with volunteers and bank staff to proactively telephone the relatives/carers of inpatients each morning and provide them with an update on the patient’s progress (subject to patient consent). The volunteers also facilitate phone and video calls for patients and their families. This initiative began on Glossop Ward with a plan to roll out wider to other wards.
The greatly valued patient mail and bag drop-off services introduced during the pandemic should be publicised more widely.We introduced a link on the home page of the Trust website to further enhance awareness of these services. This was in addition to the already ongoing publicising of these services on social media.
A patient attending ED with suspected COVID-19 was discharged at 2.40am and unable to be picked up, a taxi was called. The patient could not believe that a suspected COVID-19 patient was sent home in a taxi. Subsequently, the patient had to chase the result of the COVID-19 test.We introduced a COVID-19 discharge advice leaflet to support patients attending our ED department in such circumstances.
The lighting in the day treatment unit at Torrington Community Hospital is very poor, making it difficult to read while receiving treatment.We sourced a lamp so that it is now possible for patients to read comfortably while receiving their treatment on the unit.
During the COVID-19 pandemic some patients, especially the clinically vulnerable, expressed concerns about coming into our buildings.A drive-through on the visitor car park at NDDH was implemented during the year with volunteer support and used by the cardio-respiratory department for patients to collect heart monitors and have spirometry tests.
Patients on Victoria Ward requested an early morning cup of tea rather than having to wait until after 8am.We set up an early morning tea round on Victoria ward so that patients do not have to wait until after 8am.
A parent requested the provision of a dermatology clinic at Litchdon House outside of school hours.We changed our paediatric dermatology clinic times, moving one of our clinics to an afternoon to accommodate out-of-school hours.
Patients in the Endoscopy Suite would like to be kept more updated of the time they will be going in for their procedure.We regularly discuss at monthly team meetings the importance of keeping patients up to date about any delays in the Endoscopy Suite.
The cessation of treatment in the Seamoor Unit due to disease progression can often be a sudden event for patients who can experience loss around the comfort of regular appointments.We are organising a card and a handmade heart to be sent to all patients who have had their treatment stopped due to disease progression.
Patients to the Fern Centre requested a paper form to provide feedback rather than entering data online into the Care Opinion website.The Fern Centre developed a written form that patients can fill in to provide their feedback and then this is entered into the Care Opinion website by a member of staff.
I would like to have a choice about whether I have a face-to-face, video or telephone appointment.Patient choice is very important to us. We are very happy to discuss the type of appointment offered to patient. To encourage patients to discuss this with us, we have created patient information leaflets to explain more about how the different types of appointments work, and how to contact us to discuss.
I’m a bit nervous about using video appointments as this is new to me. I could use some help.We have set up a video volunteer service. Our volunteers can support our patients with questions they might have about accessing and attending their outpatient appointment via video.
Patients finding it difficult to sleep whilst in hospital.Introduction of sleep guardians to improve the noise at night.

Last updated: April 21, 2022