You said, We did 2014-15

 Shower hooks and shelving should be provided in the washrooms on our acute wards at North Devon District Hospital.

 Shower hooks and shelving are now included as standard in all new wards as they are refurbished and have also been fitted in the new Intensive Care Unit visitors’ wet-room.

 The partitioning curtains at the Bideford Physiotherapy Department did not provide sufficient privacy.

 The curtains have been replaced with seven individual solid partition cubicles.

 Clinicians have too much paperwork or spend too much time doing paperwork

 ‘Smartcare’, an electronic healthcare record system is now being developed. The first phase is due to be launched in March 2016.

 The contact details to enable patients to easily access all our community nursing services should be improved.

 The documentation left with the patient in the home has been reviewed to ensure the community nursing teams enter their contact details for the patient to access. In addition, ‘calling cards’, featuring the community nursing teams contact details, have been developed which can be left with the patient / carer.

 We received feedback that patients were finding the costs of inpatient TV and/or parking too expensive at North Devon District Hospital.

 We have issued a ‘Money Saving Tips’ leaflet available to all inpatients explaining how to use the TV and access the car parking more cost-effectively and the location of free wifi availability in the hospital.

 Too much noise and light at night in the acute wards at North Devon District Hospital.

 Capener Ward is piloting the use of ear plugs and eye masks.

 Insufficient car parking at Bideford Community Hospital.

 The Trust is implementing a pay-and-display parking control at Bideford Community Hospital from September 2015.

 Continuity of care in the Physiotherapy Department at Bideford Community Hospital.

 The reduction of Band 6 physiotherapy staff rotations unless there is a service need.

 No vending machine in reception at Bideford Physiotherapy Department.

 A sign has been placed in reception to indicate where the nearest drinks machine is located.

 Difficulty making first appointment at Holsworthy, Ilfracombe and South Molton physiotherapy departments.

 As the difficulty was due to a requirement for more administration support, the physiotherapy administration has now been merged with the main hospital outpatients’ administration at each location which has improved the efficiency of the booking system.

 In group physiotherapy at the Bideford Physiotherapy Department, you said you would like patients to introduce themselves.

 The team now ask patients if they wish to be introduced by name.

Last updated: October 30, 2018