Sophie’s experience

Sophie is 89, she lives alone in her house that her and her husband retired to 30 years ago “It did us just fine and now, well it does me on my own now”.

While out in the garden, Sophie hurt her leg on a concrete step. She didn’t think much of it at the time and thought it would be OK, but when her carer came round she advised Sophie to seek medical advice about it. “I didn’t need to go to hospital or anything, the nurses just came and saw me at home. They come once per week now to re-dress it and it’s generally the same person who visits. I can’t get about much these days you see so it’s so good that the nurses can come and see me at home. I never feel rushed or anything like that, they just stay here for as long as it takes they are very patient!”

Sophie explained that she also has a carer who comes and visits her once per week. This is a private arrangement booked through an agency. This person helps Sophie with her shopping, and can be around whenever Sophie needs any non-medical help. “It works very well” says Sophie.

Sophie explains that she doesn’t go out in the garden as much as she used to, “It’s not just since my leg, but generally I don’t want to push it. I’d absolutely hate it if I had a fall up there and all and sundry had to come rushing over. So I take it steady – that’s the best way!”

Sophie tells us that she feels very confident that if anything were to happen such as a fall or if she needed help then she could call the health centre where the nurses are based “I know that they would come if I needed anything – they really are very good – I have no complaints what-so ever”

“There really isn’t anything I can think of that could make it better, they are all very competent you know and the whole thing is very organised! They are very good, lovely people” says Sophie. “I couldn’t fault them. I don’t know how they do it really – visiting all these people – they are so dedicated – we are lucky to have people like them!”

Last updated: October 3, 2017