Tour and Talk

Invitation to Tour and Talk at Torrington Community Hospital

Recently your local MP, Geoffrey Cox, was invited for a Tour around Torrington hospital and a Talk with the clinical and managerial teams. This was a very beneficial meeting and one that we would like to replicate and offer to the wider community in Torrington.

Tour and Talk is an opportunity for you to meet the clinical teams providing health and social care in your neighbourhood and talk in detail about possibilities for the future role of Torrington Community Hospital. To allow for in-depth and productive conversations, sessions will be provided by appointment only, for 4-6 people at any one time and will last approximately one hour.

During the Tour and Talk, you can:

  • Meet clinicians who are delivering care to people in their homes
  • Meet members of the senior clinical and management team overseeing the project
  • Have a tour of the hospital
  • Discuss opportunities for the hospital
  • Discuss any concerns you may have about the evaluation of home-based care

To arrange a suitable time, please contact:

Nellie Guttmann
Engagement Lead
Tel: 01271 313 971

We look forward to hearing
from you!

Poster/flyer (pdf)

Last updated: October 3, 2017