Temporary consolidation of inpatient beds at Axminster or Seaton

Both Axminster and Seaton were had small inpatient units with just 10 beds at each site. In December 2014 the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust held ran a public consultation around  the consolidating these beds to just one site at Axminster or Seaton hospitals.

The outcome of this consutlation resulted in 18 beds being consolidated to Seaton hospital.

The detailed report about this consultation can be found here:

Executive summary

Consultation Outcome Report – 6 January 2015


i. Terms of reference and report of external review into safer staffing issues
ii. Full consultation document
iii. Equality impact assessment
iv. Media coverage of the consultation
v. Fact File – supporting information and data
vi. Questions and concerns from consultation meetings
vii. Consultation correspondence from key stakeholders
viii. Other options proposed by the community
ix. Action notes of Eastern System Escalation Meeting 2nd October 2014

Last updated: October 3, 2017