Stakeholder group updates

A steering group has been developed in Holsworthy to oversee the work being undertaken to re-open the inpatient beds following their closure in March 2017 due to safety concerns around staffing and occupancy.

The group meets approximately every 6 weeks and is independently chaired. There is representation from County, District and Town Councils, the local Mayor, GPs, League of Friends, the Hospice, Healthwatch, a community rep, a patient re and members of the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust.

The group is committed to ensuring that our staff and the community are kept up to date with developments within the stakeholder group. Where relevant, joint press releases will be written and will be able to be found on this page.

On-going updates and key outcomes from each meeting will be listed below.

For more information about this group, please contact Nellie Guttmann, Engagement Lead on or Tel: 01271 313971 Mobile: 077729 36837

Holsworthy Community Stakeholder Group – Terms of Reference (pdf)


Meeting one: 4 July 2017

Holsworthy stakeholder group launched | July 18th, 2017

Meeting two: Thursday 20 July 2017

  • The Terms of reference for the group have been agreed
  • The Trust have received the patient experience dossier and are prioritising the investigation of the 8 people who said they were unable to go to Holsworthy Hospital
  • The Trust are identifying the trigger points for re-opening the beds
  • Clarification being sought re out of hours cover
  • End of life care locally is a priority

Meeting held on 31 August 2017

Key communication points as discussed.

  • The drive is still to reopen the in-patient beds
  • There is more data needed from other trusts and agencies in order to get the patient availability data.  A letter is being drafted to all the Trusts, CCG and other relevant agencies for urgent information.
  • There is a need to ensure that 12-13 beds can be continually occupied at Holsworthy hospital
  • End of Life Care is a key consideration in the programme
  • The impact of the latest communication surrounding Deer Park care home is cause for concern and needs clarification.  The CCG will be asked for their position regarding the overall Holsworthy community care needs.

Meeting was held on 26th September

Key communication points as discussed.

  • Alison Diamond attended the last meeting and confirmed her support for the actions of the group
  • Requests for information have gone to the CCG, DCC, out of area Trusts and other agencies for Holsworthy patient information and data.
  • The drive is still to establish the cohort of patients required to re-open the beds at the hospital.
  • A comprehensive press release regarding the activities and action of the stakeholder group has been sent to all the local newspapers and journals

Meeting was held on 12th December

Notes from the Independent Chair of the Holsworthy Stakeholder Group (pdf)

Last updated: July 4, 2018