Holsworthy engagement

On 2 and 3 March the Trust announced to staff and the public the reasons why the growing safety concerns meant it was not considered safe to continue operating the 16 inpatient beds at Holsworthy Community Hospital. The Trust effected a temporary and urgent closure and the last patient was discharged by 23 March 2017.

The NDHT Board is wholly committed to maintaining safe and high quality services and felt unable to ignore the safety triggers occurring at Holsworthy which risked a future, safe inpatient service. These were:

  1. Insufficient patients needing an admission to Holsworthy hospital (bed occupancy).
  2. Insufficient availability of staff to run the inpatient unit safely.

NDHT held two public meetings and eight drop-in sessions, and attended a town council meeting in public to explain the decision, listen to the community and hear their concerns. As a result of the ongoing dialogue with the community and some of its leaders/representatives, there is an expressed willingness to work alongside us to support the Trust address its safety concerns.

We plan to invite community representatives to work with us in assessing our progress and exploring the options. We are absolutely committed to being transparent about our progress, success and challenges and communicating these openly and regularly with our community.

NDHT Board papers

Risk factors present in the delivery of safe, 24/7 inpatient services in South Molton and Holsworthy (pdf)

Minutes from meeting of Executive Directors – 13 February 2017 (pdf)


FOI regarding risk assessments and incidents (pdf)

Clarification regarding maintenance at Holsworthy Hospital

Reports to NEW Devon CCG

Holsworthy next steps 24 April 2017 (pdf) (report presented to the CCG)

QEIA Briefing for CCG on 03.08.17 (pdf)

Quality Equality Impact Assessment 23.08.17 (excel doc)

Action Plan Progress Report 01.12.17 (pdf)

NDHT response to NEW Devon CCG Information Request 1.12.17 (pdf)

Press releases

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