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Moretonhampstead Hub Proposal – ‘A Centre for all Services’:

Feedback from public.

Comments supporting the proposal:

Much prefer to go to Moreton than all the way to Okehampton.  Hope it happens.

Fully agree with concept of a Moretonhampstead hub

If possible I would welcome minor surgery ops that are not currently covered by NHS, eg, removal of cysts on eyelids, I would be prepared to pay for these services.

Excellent idea

Great proposal

Local services are vital for rural communities.  We have to plan for a sustainable future – and this will be part of that plan.

Transport essential

Brilliant – better than losing everything.

From a family that spend a lot of time travelling to Exeter hospital I think the proposed idea is excellent.

Excellent and essential – how about radiotherapy treatment?

I think this all sounds good and that it can be successful and a way of making the hospital important again in modern times.

This proposal is more encouraging than earlier ones having more emphasis on caring services at home.  More evidence of discussion with Devon Social Services would be good.  Provision of nursing home places either in the present building or elsewhere might be useful.  Morecare should be mentioned.

Agree – Subject to more information – I would expect people would appreciate more information on the structure of the proposal.  As this is going to be run by private enterprise, who will wish to make a profit, how much will it cost an individual to use any of the planned services?

Important to retain Moretonhampstead hospital for community use (I am sure it will be reinvented as an inpatient hospital – to relieve ‘acute beds’) within the next 5-10 years as the NHS is good at reinventing the wheel!)

I think it is a really good idea to integrate some different approaches to health – it will really make it a fantastic community resource.

Particularly interested in acupuncture

We must protect our local services

In the absence of possibility of reopening as a community hospital offering beds, this seems to be an acceptable alternative.

There is no question, but that such a facility is greatly needed – now more than ever in the current economic and social climate.

An essential facility to maintain and improve local health care

Better than losing it

Where is the money going to come from?

Great ideas – such a shame having it empty

We need Moretonhampstead hospital available to the people for all the items mentioned above.

5 miles Chagford to Moreton is a long way for poor people.  Hopefully the podiatry and physiotherapy would continue at Chagford.  It would also be good to have a care of the elderly clinic in Chagford.

Very much in favour

If we cannot have a hospital – this is a very useful alternative

We must look after the elderly

Interesting to see which of these extra services become and remain available at Moretonhampstead hospital.

It must be in everyone’s interests to maintain any existing local hospitals both to provide for local needs and take some immediate burden off the larger hospitals.

Totally support.

Hope it comes about.  An excellent way forward.

Sounds too good to be true, will be a wonderful asset to Moreton.

It’s an important service for so many in our community.

It is very sad to see such a valuable asset close, especially when public transport is so infrequent / unavailable to Okehampton and Exeter for those without transport.  But… as long as home care is implemented!

I support Dr Dudgeon’s views.

Community hospitals need to remain open!

This sounds like a brilliant plan – makes sense for the community.

Provided these commitments above are not reduced or withdrawn.

Excellent idea

Hope to keep hospital open.

Essential for the community in the future.

Please go ahead as quickly as possible

Please expedite this hub as soon as possible and include as many clinics as possible.

Will this include a counselling facility for mental health?

A very excellent way to use the ‘old’ hospital

It would make sense to get this agreed as soon as possible so action can be taken to stop the building not being used.

Ambitious but wholly admirable!

I would be happy to help if you need volunteers for anything.

We all need a community hospital.

The community needs it.

Very much needed as hospitals in Okehampton, Torquay and Newton Abbot are remote from rural Dartmoor and surrounds with severe access difficulty for the old and disabled.

I welcome more local treatments

Please ensure mental health services are included, e.g. depression and anxiety service, counsellors Southwest.  Plus antenatal, postnatal and children’s services, i.e. whole life, not just the end of life.

Options for self-referral for physiotherapy and the like

A great way forward – a lot of determination and commitment required to make it work.

The drive is difficult in adverse weather conditions.  I would prefer to have these services in Exeter or Okehampton BUT I support it for those further from Exeter / Okehampton, as long as it does not affect my right to choose Exeter and Okehampton for myself, for my treatment and parking for disabled.

Acupuncture would be brilliant.

Save Moretonhampstead hospital.  We already don’t have enough services in a varied location.

It makes good sense for this to go ahead – I am 100% in favour.

Once gone, gone forever and we need local services!!

This is a vital centre for our needs in a large surrounding area.

Excellent proposal

I would be wonderful to have more services being held in the hospital.  So much less travelling.  We must keep the hospital.  I am certain that in a few years’ time it will be needed again.

An essential place for the community, must be kept going.

An excellent proposal, although I think the closing of the beds is a big loss as the service they fulfilled was invaluable to both patients and their families.

I can’t agree wholeheartedly.  Not enough information about the ‘ordinary’ day to day contact with doctors – I have always received excellent treatment at the RD&E and would prefer to travel there rather than risk the road from Dunsford to Moretonhampstead which is extremely dangerous.  The barriers preventing vehicles going down the huge drop are inadequate and don’t even cover the whole distance of the dangerous area.

Very good for surrounding communities like North Bovey

This sounds like a constructive and practical way forward which will benefit the community

The hospital is an invaluable resource for OP appointments

How sad for the local community to lose the hospital – but this proposal would appear to be the next best option.

This is the best alternative to returning to full hospital

Moretonhampstead Hospital is a really important part of our community and useful for the NHS.

A vital resource for a rural community and to help take pressure from the main hospitals.

Because it is beneficial to all those who live in rural areas.

We need a functioning local hospital – beds, nurses, etc.

If all this is really achievable – terrific!

If it works as set out it will be of huge benefit to this rural area.

At the meeting there was only one proposal upon which to vote.  No alternative was offered.  Anyone with experience of caring or dementia / chronically ill at home and the present ‘out of hours’ GP service, would turn down ‘the hub’ even before calculating the cost to the tax payer.

This sounds like a great asset to the community

Very much needed.

In rural communities it is vital we have access to wide range of healthcare.

This all sounds good providing the beds on the wards are used in the future – this is all better than closure.

As long as the hospital building continues being used.  There could be a way back to its use as a hospital.  Also good to keep the kitchen equipped

Please do not waste this gem of a cottage hospital.  Please re-open it soon

Excellent idea

Too difficult to get there.

We would still much rather have inpatient facilities.  This is better than nothing.

With the government’s emphasis on care in the community having a centre for all services would be an invaluable advantage particularly for the sick and elderly being cared for at home in neighbouring villages where such facilities do not exist plus providing professional jobs.

A shame the beds are lost but less travel to out of town hospitals for treatment will be a bonus.

Disappointed hospital beds not in use but if this is the alternative then go for it at least we retain the building for further use.

Our hospital must stay open for the local people

I am keen to see hospital used as a community hub.  Finances could change in the future and with the building in use it would be easier to have inpatient beds available again.

A very good proposal and great use of the building.  Thank you for all your hard work to get this far!

At least this will keep the building in good repair until such time as it can be re-opened as a hospital.  I had great help there in the past.

Too difficult to get to.  Husband does not drive and we probably will not have a car in future.  Easier to travel to Exeter including by bus.

We would like to keep the hospital.  There was no public meeting in our village (Lustleigh)

A very sensible solution.

A brilliant idea!

It is good to see the door is still open.

Great asset to the village and wider community

It would be a tragedy to lose this facility completely in case at a later date, the health policy is changed and the beds could be required.  I do not think this building should be sold.

If the hospital closes we will very much miss the services we receive there.

Please could we have some person-centred counselling available.  Preferably not with a time limit of six weeks!

Very much believe that there is still a requirement for minor injuries dept.  ENT within the ‘hub’.

We cannot afford the amenities we have in the countrywide to be diminished any further.  Country people pay taxes too!!!

What is the alternative?  I presume closure but it would have been helpful to know!

Could we also have a blood donor session in the hub

I hope that such an impressive list of availabilities at Moretonhampstead WILL NOT mean that patients here will be ‘forced’ to attend at Moretonhampstead – if this would be the case I would be against the proposal (will there be enough parking at Moretonhampstead if all these specialisms are there?)

I accept the proposal with many reservations and fears for the future.  It’s not clear how the hub will provide the essential services needed by very sick people in their own homes.  Will transport be available for people in our remote rural areas so they can access these services?

What a cynical exercise all that public consultation was!

As long as we do not lost our doctors in their local surgery at Christow.

What about the odd convalescent bed in the hospital?

Helped my mother when she was very ill, it’s a valuable extent, until she died.

CAMHS?  Provision of this service in the locality would be very valuable – make it easy accessible.  Could not arrangement be made with ICS to provide this through letting space? (as with private sector – mentioned above)

I think that this is a really good plan, however it doesn’t really apply to me at the moment.

Excellent!  Do not let Moreton hospital close!

Keep small local hospitals open

Do not allow this hospital to close

I consider this an excellent idea and fully support it.

A very good idea for everyone of Moretonhampstead and surrounding parishes for all that have got to travel to Exeter because of time and doctors know what is going on with most of their patients. A very big good luck to all involved. 

We must see the hospital for the benefit of health in the community.

Provided it is only used by non-profit organisations – for example Chime and not Specsavers for audiology

Excellent use of our hospital

Good idea.  But would there be any charges to the clinics by the patients, to pay for it all?

Wonderful to have our hospital back.  Sad to think that the sports centre will suffer from the changes but the hospital is so important.

The sooner the better

We think it’s a good idea better than leaving it empty or being sold off

Congratulations on getting this far… really hope you can make it all happen – it would be brilliant for the whole community.

Excellent ideas!  Keep it local!

As our hospital at present is closed, I think this is a great way forward for our community.

I think this is a good idea for it to be used.

If it can’t be used as a hospital I think this is a good idea.

Good idea.  

Please implement these services as soon as possible.  The building has been unused for too long.

It is important to keep the hospital so this is a good alternative.

I wholeheartedly endorse this proposal and believe it is not just important but essential to keep these services available locally.

Brilliant – as soon as possible please!

This will be a good sign of care and respect for the people of Moretonhampstead

Moretonhampstead is very well served – and need to retain that status.

An excellent way to share our resources right across the community

A centre for all services – seems to be an excellent proposal which would care for so many.

The above proposal would provide valuable and vital medical services to the local community and be an excellent use of an existing facility.  I wholeheartedly support this proposed scheme.

As a renal patient I find using the local GP for bloods, etc and saves waiting half a day in Exeter.

I strongly support this proposal in view of difficulty in travelling to Exeter and Newton Abbot for treatment as I have to – particularly for elderly people.

Good luck, hoping it all works!

We would have preferred a hospital, but this is the next best option

Vital services to have in the community, also helps relieve strain on RD&E.  All of Moreton residents would agree!

Would prefer it as beds – much better than closing a really good idea.

I do hope you are able to provide most of the above services if not all.

I hope this list of services is flexible, for example, I would like to add speech and language therapy services, counselling services, dietician and others.

What a brilliant idea!

It is a wonderful way forward for Moretonhampstead hospital, a much needed and appreciated service.

Excellent idea – except for audiology – the centre at Heavitree hospital is easy to visit, very pleasant waiting area and very kind staff.

A good idea, but the home care must be kept up to standard.

A useful and much needed service.

An excellent plan!

We need this local facility

Seems a great solution to using the building.  Hope it is up and running as quickly as possible.

This would seem to be an excellent way forward if we have lost the battle to retain beds.

Rehabilitation for physical problems might be a suggestion

Please let it happen as soon as practically possible.

What a shame it has come to this if this is all you hope we can get at least it will be better than nothing.

I suspect that care in ‘their’ own homes will lead to serious problems.  Falls will not be attended to until the carer arrives – usually late.  There is no way that our area can be safely covered by a few nurses – who will be in the car all day!

Dr Noel Lawn’s skin clinic seems to have been left off.

Would like inpatient beds too!

Despite this I feel sure the ‘hub’ will end up in Okehampton.  Where ever it is placed bed blocking will occur because the bureaucracy of the NHS will ensure that ‘packages of care’ will take weeks and weeks to prepare and then the outcomes will not be achievable.

We assume that convalescence after hospital treatment and end of life care will no longer be available in the hospital – pity.  Otherwise we support the proposals.

What does the ‘private sector’ mean?  Why mention private and not public? 

This hospital never should have been closed.  Because it will release beds in bigger hospital.

I wish for this hospital to remain open it is so homely for people to spend their last days in.  Both my grandmother and mum spent 5 months of their last days between Exeter and Moreton – so homely.  Thanks.  My opinion is that all cottage hospitals free up much needed beds at major hospitals.

While I support this I also feel that the hospital will not open beds again as it will be seen that we can do without it.

For ‘hospital @ home’ to work there has to be effective domiciliary care for patients in their homes.  There is a massive problem accessing dom care in rural areas.

Although I fully support community units, they are normally relatively expensive so services need to be cost efficient.

I see there is ‘occupational use of kitchen…’ but no mention of access to an occupational therapist.  Surely this would be key.  Also for this to work there would need to be access to adequate domiciliary care for patients at home.

Fully support all the proposals

It would be good if radiotherapy could be added to the list to save people having to travel to Exeter every day.

The community hospital is a vital facility for this part of Devon.  It must not be allowed to be take from us.  All services noted above – agreed.

If there really is no way to keep inpatients I agree this is the way forward.

Health support services are required in this area.

The hospital is too great an asset to lose.

This is a great asset to the rural community

This would be great for rural areas and hopefully easier to park

I would support this as long as there is sufficiently qualified staff at this hub

Sounds like a great idea to get more use of the hospital

Wholeheartedly agree with the proposal

I think this is an excellent idea for the community.  Services will be more accessible for vulnerable patients without the hassle of Exeter.

Put in place as soon as possible!

Much better to keep the building with these services than have nothing.  I am happy with the proposal.

This would be so very helpful.  Thank you to the people who are working hard for this to come about.

Excellent proposals

You have our complete support and hope that this scheme speedily comes into effect.

Please do all you can to maintain this local facility

Whether as a hub or a hospital we need the facilities in town.  Travel to Exeter is not an option.

I would rather that some beds could have been retained but as long as what is suggested come to pass I will be satisfied.

Excellent plan – I fully endorse this.

Sounds like an appropriate and pragmatic solution to the current status quo

Very sensible idea and it will be an asset to the area.  It is pleasing to know that the hospital building will be used positively

It would be a step backwards not to make full use of this facility

A great idea and Moretonhampstead has a wonderful hospital

Re-opening would be appreciated by everyone

Keep up the good work and maintain the good work!

Absolutely essential!

Podiatry, Opthalmology, Audiology – Locally available.  Of this list of services the real medical role is ‘minor surgery’ which could be provided by the NHS?  Health and better – centre!  24hr emergency care at home, ongoing professional care in the home, ability to care for acutely and chronically ill at home, care of the elderly clinic (Home?), drop in tearoom for senior citizens??  Occupational use of kitchens to regain skills after illness??  Hardly hospital orientated!!!  CCG and NDT – this would become a standardised office for NDT and CCG.  So long as our previous doctors support the proposal, I will support them, but I feel this is really a cover up for closure of a really viable much needed cottage hospital

Last updated: October 3, 2017