Supporting information

We are committed to providing as much information as possible to you, so you can understand the engagement and consultation process and how we are developing the options for consultation. On this page, you will find the documents that we produce throughout this process.

Consultation outcome:

Report (pdf)

Presentation (pdf)


Public response to feedback form (pdf)

Frequently-asked questions

Master FAQ

Ilfracombe FAQ

This is a list of questions asked at public meetings and during correspondence. It will be updated regularly as more questions are added.

Throughout this consultation we are often asked what is going on in the rest of the UK.

The briefing note Community health services – a way of life provides some really good examples and background of what community services offer patients and why it differs across the country.

It concludes with this statement which we feel sums up the vision of the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust too –

The NHS is seeking to be invited to be guests in the everyday lives of people rather than only be there for when things go wrong. This is what community healthcare services excel at. This will become a way of life and a way of sustaining better, healthier, independent living for longer. It provides people and communities with support and control over how that happens and reflects the lives that people are living.

Description of home based care (PDF)

Many people have asked about the enhanced care that we provide in people’s homes. Here is a summary of what you could expect, either when you come out of hospital, or to prevent you going in to hospital in the first place.

Consultation document (PDF)

Consultation document – Easy read version (PDF)

Decision-making criteria (PDF)

These criteria were put forward by the public during the CCG’s Care Closer to Home consultation, and discussed and refined by our Stakeholder Reference Group. We think that the resulting list of criteria, which are in the consultation document, are good way in which people can assess the relative merits of each hospital location.

Information document (PDF)

This document contains a wealth of information about the different community hospitals and the towns in which they are located. This document was produced to support the Stakeholder Reference Group meetings.

Outcome of stakeholder meeting (PDF)

Weighting and scoring results from stakeholder meeting (PDF)

These documents are the outcome of the Stakeholder Review Group meetings and show the process that we went through to review and weight the criteria and score each hospital against the criteria as well as the results of this exercise.


Last updated: October 3, 2017