Stakeholder reference group

The safe and effective care within our budget consultation has ended. We have had a fantastic response from the public and will be presenting the results at the Trust Board meeting on 6 October. Papers are posted here

To help us determine the future location of inpatient community hospital beds across Northern Devon, we have been working with a group of representatives from local, district and county councils, GPs Leagues of Friends, community and voluntary groups. We held two meetings in August in which we:

  1. Considered the criteria that had been suggested by the public as the basis for any decisions on the future location of the hospital beds. These needed further discussion to determine if they truly do have an impact on the bed location and not just health generally.
  1. We considered the relative weighting of the final criteria. We wanted people to come to a consensus view of the relative importance of each of the criteria. For example, is rurality and access a more important issue than the number of people in the community with dementia?
  1. We worked through the process of applying these criteria to the potential options in order to produce a number of options on which we could consult publicly.

These documents were developed to aid our stakeholder reference group in reviewing and weighting the decision-making criteria and developing the options for consultation:

Decision-making criteria (pdf)

Information pack (pdf)

These documents were developed following the stakeholder reference group meetings:

Outcome of stakeholder meeting (PDF)

Weighting and scoring results from stakeholder meeting (PDF)


Last updated: October 3, 2017