Future Vision for North Devon Hospital Services

The cross-agency steering group managing the Acute Services Review process in North Devon met on Tuesday evening (8.8.06) to receive the Durrow report on the future vision of hospital services.

The Steering Group were unable to confirm that Durrow had fulfilled its brief and have requested more detail regarding finances, workforce and clinical practices.

However given the high of public interest, the steering group recommended that this first draft should still be made available to staff and public. A final version of the report is due to be presented to the Steering Group on 19 September.

This draft report, produced by Durrow, outlines a vision of hospital services in North Devon which looks ahead 15 years to the future. Durrow has given us a picture of a hospital which uses the best technology and clinical practice to offer a 21st century healthcare service to the people of North Devon. This report does not attempt to deal with any of the short-term financial issues facing the hospital and works on the assumption that plans are in place to quickly resolve these issues.

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Durrow Presentation – 28 minutes

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First thoughts from Durrow presented to the Public on 22nd & 23rd May (pdf)


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Last updated: October 3, 2017