Involving patients and the community

Throughout 2019, we worked with staff, patients and the community to ensure as many views as possible were captured as we developed our plans.

As part of our work we talked to patients with lived experience of the services we focussed on to understand what is important to people when using these services.

We also met with community groups and representatives to talk about this process and provided regular updates.

At the start of October 2019 we held a public meeting to provide feedback on the engagement we carried out with staff, patients, stakeholders and the public, and the themes that were emerging. We were very pleased to see the meeting so well attended with over 60 attendees coming from county, local and parish councils, members of the public and community groups including Save Our Hospital Services.

It was a positive meeting and we had some really good questions and discussions about the challenges we face in northern Devon and how they impact people.

The presentation from the meeting contains a summary of some of the findings from our engagement activity. You can view this by clicking the link below.

Public feedback meeting slides (pdf)

You can read the engagement reports in full by clicking the following links.

1. Engagement report – targeted and representative engagement, including hard to reach groups

Initially we designed our approach to engagement to ensure we captured feedback from a representative sample of the communities we serve, as well as feedback from those with lived experience of our services. The results of this engagement approach are detailed in this report.

2. Engagement report – general survey (open to the public)

We received feedback from some of our stakeholders that they wanted the opportunity to take the survey. We therefore created a pubic version of the survey with the same questions to ensure accessibility for all who wished to take part.

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Previous briefing documents related to this work:

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Last updated: August 4, 2020