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Patient Experience

COVID-19: redesigning and recovering services

The Northern Devon Healthcare Trust is committed to involving all stakeholders in service transformation and development. As patients, local residents and key stakeholders we want to know what matters to you, how it feels to receive our services and what we need to think about when making any changes to services.

We work to ensure that the Trust complies with its legal duties to engage (under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and Equalities Act 2010) so that staff, members, patients, partners and stakeholders are able to influence transformational service change in meaningful ways.

We actively seek out and take every opportunity to engage stakeholders and demonstrate accountabilities to the communities we serves.

Our engagement work falls under two categories, informal and formal.

Informal - On-going engagement

We aim to be in constant contact with the communities we serve to ensure they are aware of any developments taking place at the Trust and to ensure we understand any issues that are arising.

In this way our continuous engagement is an on-going and two way conversation. There are several ways we achieve this conversation such as our Involving People Steering Group, patient stories presented at board meetings, patient experience, PALS etc.

Formal – formal engagement / consultation regarding service change

When making any significant changes to services, we are required to meet NHS England’s five tests of service change in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (Sections 131, 14V, 13Q, 14Z2, 244). Namely:

  1. Strong public and patient engagement
  2. Consistency with current and prospective need for patient choice
  3. A clear clinical evidence base
  4. Support for proposals from clinical commissioners
  5. No significant hospital bed closures without credible alternatives

We meet this duty through formal engagement and or consultation processes.

Go here - for more information about current consultations or engagement opportunities.

Go here - for more information about our past consultations.

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Last updated: February 1, 2022