Day 24 – preceptorship midwives Laura Grinter, Sophie Reardon, Megan Stapleton

1. What is your job title and where do you work?

Laura – I’m a midwife, I’m currently doing a 3-month rotation on Labour Ward.

Sophie – I am a midwife, currently working on Bassett Ward.

Megan – I am a midwife currently working on Labour Ward.

2. What says ‘Christmas’ to you?

Laura – Christmas is time with family and friends, and just playing games and enjoying everyone’s company.

Sophie – Christmas for me really starts on Christmas Eve – all the shopping is done, the flapping is over, I can settle down with a drink and watch Mum blub over “Carols from Kings”. Magical.

Megan – Watching Love Actually or The Holiday with a hot chocolate by the fire.

3. Top tip for a great Christmas?

Laura – Top tip for Christmas is just relax and have fun, there’s not too much pressure for one day, and make it last.

Sophie – Don’t stress or panic over the details. Celebrating should be about being surrounded with your loved ones, everything else is just a bonus.

Megan – Use the time to catch up with all your friends and family (and always nap after Christmas dinner!)

4. Is there anything that happened in 2019 that you feel thankful for, or anyone you’d like to thank?

Laura – I’m thankful that I am now a qualified midwife and that I have a great job helping to facilitate birth. I want to thank my family and friends who have been there through my degree and who have continued to support me within my new job.

Sophie – I’m extremely grateful to my friends and family for supporting me through university, and so proud and happy to have graduated and started work.

Megan – I am thankful for graduating and starting this job as a newly qualified midwife, so thank you to the Trust for offering me this position and thank you to my family and friends for supporting me.

5. Have you got a goal for 2020?

Laura – My main goal is to complete my preceptorship and to continue to enjoy life inside and outside of work.

Sophie – In 2020 I hope to finish my preceptorship year, and become a more competent and confident midwife.

Megan – My goal for 2020 is to complete my preceptorship and become more confident in my role.

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Last updated: December 23, 2019