Day 20 – Parth Patel

1. What is your job title and where do you work?

I am a dental officer working for the Dental Access Centre in Barnstaple, which is based in the Barnstaple Health Centre.

We exist to provide excellent dental care to those who have special needs, or those who have an emergency and do not have a regular general dental practitioner. The service also provides oral health training to patients and care workers who are responsible for the mouths of both adults and children.

2. What says ‘Christmas’ to you?

I love the decorations and lights around this time of the year, and with that the merry and jolly attitude of everyone. Also I always look forward to buying and opening every door on my advent calendar (yes, dentists eat chocolate too).

3. Top tip for a great Christmas?

Enjoy it! Put all the worries aside, surround yourself with the your loved ones and cherish the moments. We all deserve it!

4. Is there anything that happened in 2019 that you feel thankful for, or anyone you’d like to thank?

The most memorable moment of this year was getting the news that I got this fantastic job. I am throughly enjoying it and its mostly all thanks to the wonderful team I work with, especially my nurses and receptionists (they are the real heroes!).

5. Have you got a goal for 2020?

Keep on making people smile!

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Last updated: December 19, 2019