Day 12 – Emma Townsend

Emma Townsend1. What is your job title and where do you work?

I am quality improvement administrator for the patient safety and improvement team, who are based at NDDH.

2. What says ‘Christmas’ to you?

It always starts to feel like Christmas when I go with Kirstie from the rapid intervention centre (RIC) team walking the dogs along Woolacombe beach in the wind and rain. Then we get home and get the matching owner and dog Christmas jumpers out and watch a documentary with a hot drink.

3. Top tip for a great Christmas?

My top tip would be getting everyone you’re spending Christmas with to write a quiz for after dinner!

4. Is there anything that happened in 2019 that you feel thankful for, or anyone you’d like to thank?

I completed my first year of working for the Trust with what I consider a huge success. I completed my administration course, quality ambassador courses and received a staff award for my work in improvement. Although I am so proud of it, in the words of Johnny Wilkinson “I only get the points because I have the team-mates who do the work and put me in the position to get them.” So thank you to my corner Trinity team and beyond – Hannah Squires, Jen Reed, Lisa Vogwill, Teresa Sturm and Lisa Townsend.

5. Have you got a goal for 2020?

I would like to progress within the patient safety and improvement team and go on to study psychological safety and human factors. Also I’d like to see Exeter Chiefs win the Premiership!

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Last updated: December 12, 2019