Day 2 – Debbie Ludwell, lead pre-operative assessment nurse

What do you do for the Trust?

I am the lead nurse for the pre-op assessment service. Our overall purpose is to ensure that patients are safely prepared for elective surgery. This involves assessing patients’ overall health and managing the risks associated with surgery. My team have an in-depth knowledge of not just surgery, but also the impact that acute and chronic health conditions have on that planned procedure.

The patient is at the centre of everything that we do and through open and honest but sensitive handling of information, we are a significant part in the process of achieving informed consent.

Another aspect of pre-op assessment is the coordination of resources and teams so that our patients get the best possible service and that our resources are used as efficiently as possible. I closely monitor cancellations and continually look for opportunities to avoid further cancellations.

What makes you proud of your work?

I am very proud of my team. Over the past few years I have introduced changes that I have felt necessary in order for us to meet the changing demands of healthcare. Those changes haven’t always been easy, but my team have always trusted me and supported these changes. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a team of great people. The success of our team has been about its intrinsic ability to keep changing and that’s thanks to the people in it.

What was your highlight of 2018?

Moving into to our new department has been a really important event this year. Pre-op assessment has traditionally occupied various small spaces across NDDH, but now for the first time in our history we have our own permanent space that’s smart, slick and modern. It is a much better environment for our patients, and demonstrates that this is a really valued service. Thank you to Paul Humphreys and the facilities team!

Top tip for a great Christmas?

Spend as much time as you can with your family, be close to nature and enjoy the elements. I’m looking forward to being with my gorgeous son Charlie, my husband Rob and my two collie dogs!

Last updated: November 29, 2018