Day 13 – Jemma Sampson, staff health and wellbeing co-ordinator

What do you do for the Trust?

I am the staff health and wellbeing co-ordinator for NDHT. My role is to promote health and wellbeing to all staff at NDHT. We encourage all staff to ensure they look after themselves and support this by providing appropriate guidance, tools and communications in which to do so. I meet all new starters at induction days to spread the message about looking after themselves and how the Trust can support them.

What makes you proud of your work?

I have been in this role for the past six months and in that time I have worked hard to make a positive impact. I have helped set up a new staff fitness class, organised the provision of a new staff reflexology clinic, sourced and updated local staff discount offers.

I have also helped to promote a variety of health campaigns and initiatives, including organising for chief executive Suzanne Tracey to renew our pledge to the Time to Change initiative, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to changing how we think and act about mental health in the workplace.

I have also had the pleasure of creating a new South West wide networking group for those working in health and wellbeing in the NHS to enable us to work together for the benefit of all NHS staff.

What was your highlight of 2018?

My highlight of 2018 was starting this job role! I love helping people and this job has given me the opportunity to be able to make a positive difference and learn more about what the staff of NDHT would like to see available to them.

Top tip for a great Christmas?

For me Christmas is about spending time with my family. My top tip for a great Christmas would be to enjoy making lots of new memories and appreciate the little things in life!

Last updated: December 12, 2018