Safe Staffing

Safe staffing levels

From April 2014 all hospitals are required to publish information about the number of nursing and midwifery staff working on each ward, together with the percentage of shifts meeting safe staffing guidelines.

This is part of the NHS response to the Francis report which called for greater openness and transparency in the health service.

Publishing schedule 2014/15 (pdf)

Information about staffing levels is published monthly.

August 2019 (pdf)

February 2018 (pdf)

January 2018 (pdf)

September 2017 (pdf)

August 2017 (pdf)

July 2017 (pdf)

June 2017 (pdf)

May 2017 (pdf)

April 2017 (pdf)

March 2017 (pdf)

February 2017 (pdf)

January 2017 (pdf)

December 2016 (pdf)

November 2016 (pdf)

October 2016 (pdf)

September 2016 (pdf)

August 2016 (pdf)

July 2016 (pdf)

June 2016 (pdf)

May 2016 (pdf)

April 2016 (pdf)

March 2016 (pdf)

February 2016 (pdf)

January 2016 (pdf)

December 2015 (pdf)

November 2015 (pdf)

October 2015 (pdf)

September 2015 (pdf)

August 2015 (pdf)

July 2015 (pdf)

June 2015 (pdf)

May 2015 (pdf)

April 2015 (pdf)

March 2015 (pdf)

February 2015 (pdf)

January 2015 (pdf)

December 2014 (pdf)

November 2014 (pdf)

October 2014 (pdf)

September 2014 (pdf)

August 2014 (pdf)

July 2014 (pdf)

June 2014 (pdf)

May 2014 (pdf)

We are also displaying a board for patients and visitors in all of our wards that shows the planned and actual staffing available at the start of every shift.

example of

example of an actual board used

Got a question?

For more information about staffing levels in our hospitals, please contact our Director of Nursing, Quality & Workforce, Darryn Allcorn at

Last updated: September 16, 2019