CQC Inspection 1-4 July 2014 – Trust Report and Rating

The Trust was provided with a report of the Inspection, which describes the judgement of the quality of care in the hospital.   It was based on what they found when they inspected, information from the ‘Intelligent Monitoring’ system and information given to them by the public, the patients and other organisations.

This report was also published on the CQC’s website for the public to access.

Final Published Report Sept 14

Contained in the report were the details of the Inspection and the key findings, the areas of Outstanding practice, the things the Trust ‘must’ do and the things the Trust ‘should’ do.  The report also contained the overall rating the CQC applied to the Trust.

Display of Rating Feb 15

In response to the report the Trust were required to develop an action plan of what was needed to be done to enable the Trust to declare compliance with the standards.

Original CQC Action Plan

Last updated: October 3, 2017