Who, what, where, why when?


The RD&E and NDHT intend to build on their long-standing partnership and existing strengths by formally joining together. The proposed integration will require the endorsement of the Board, Governors and regulatory authorities.


Both trusts face many of the same challenges:

  • ensuring we have staff capacity
  • managing our waiting lists
  • ensuring our patients can access high quality care wherever they live
  • responding and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and transforming services

Over the last few years we have made good progress by working more closely together to tackle these challenges. However, both organisations believe that combining our strengths  into a single organisation will put us in a stronger position to offer high quality, resilient services to the people of Devon now and in the future.


On the assumption we receive the necessary approvals from regulators, our plan is to operate as one organisation from April 2022. However, the work to fully integrate the organisations will happen and develop over the next few years.


We will take a “best of both” approach involving all of our staff, patients and communities so that we can continue to provide high quality and even better services for our patients and communities. We will be supporting our teams to get to know each other and working with them to develop integration plans that build on our strengths and respect our differences.


Assuming that we receive the agreement to proceed, the new Trust will provide acute, community and specialist services across Exeter, Eastern, Mid and Northern Devon. There will also be some services in Torbay, Cornwall and further afield. All our current services will continue to be delivered to the communities we serve in their homes, in the community and from our acute hospitals.

Last updated: August 2, 2021