Disclosure log 2015

Our disclosure log lists our responses to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which we feel are of wider public interest.


ReferenceSubject titleDetails
FOI-15-001Agency Nurses letter
FOI-15-002IM&T Software Licence letter
FOI-15-003Admitted patients letter
FOI-15-004NDHT Business-Operating Plan letter

NDHT Two-Year-Plan 2014-16

FOI-15-005Trust Car parking Contract letter
FOI-15-006Liver Disease – Youngest Patient letter
FOI-15-007Patient Admission due to Drugs letter
FOI-15-008Agency Staff letter
FOI-15-009NHS Litigation Data letter
FOI-15-010Intravitreal Injections letter
FOI-15-011Management Consultants letter
FOI-15-012Diabetic Datasets letter

NDHT 2014Diabetes_1_DataSet_A 21May15

NDHT 2015Diabetes_1_DataSet_B 21May15

FOI-15-013Pre-Printed Stationary letter
FOI-15-014Staff & Agency Costs letter
FOI-15-015Opthalmology Services letter
FOI-15-016Telephony-WAN-Broadband Contract letter
FOI-15-017Agency Staff letter
FOI-15-0181. Ottery St Mary letter

2. stakeholder brief – stroke consolidation OSM

3. Ottery St Mary Town Council

FOI-15-019Apprenticeships letter
FOI-15-020Director of IT letter
FOI-15-0211. Pest Control letter

2. Bideford Inspection May2014

3. NDDH May2014

4. Torrington May2014

5. East

FOI-15-022Teeth Extraction letter
FOI-15-023IT Service Management Process letter
FOI-15-024Staff Leaving the Trust letter
FOI-15-025Communications Staff letter
FOI-15-026Hospital Alert letter
FOI-15-027Paid Off Payroll letter
FOI-15-029Alcohol in under 17s letter
FOI-15-030New Q 14-313 letter
FOI-15-031Contact Centre Information letter
FOI-15-0321. Gas & Electricity letter

2. Gas & Electricity Spreadsheet

FOI-15-0341. ICT Documents letter

2. IMT Vision and Strategy v4_1

3. Board Briefing Handouts

FOI-15-035Sunstroke letter
FOI-15-036Missed Appointments letter
FOI-15-037Intra-vitreal implants letter
FOI-15-038Spend on agency & locum doctors letter
FOI-15-039Chronic eczema drug treatment letter
FOI-15-040Endoscopic procedures letter
FOI-15-041Patient Information Leaflet letter
FOI-15-042Printers and MFDs letter
FOI-15-043Parking fines letter
FOI-15-044Sick days for stress-related illnesses letter
FOI-15-045Payouts for staff accidents & injuries letter
FOI-15-047Clinical waste collection & disposal letter
FOI-15-048IT staffing, budget and functions letter
FOI-15-049Disposal of unwanted medical equipment letter
FOI-15-050Multiple Sclerosis patients and drug treatments letter
FOI-15-052Pregnancy remains letter
FOI-15-053Invoice fraud letter
FOI-15-054Living wage letter
FOI-15-055Patients discharged overnight letter
FOI-15-056Allied Health Professionals letter
FOI-15-057Operations cancelled due to obesity letter
FOI-15-058Cyber Attacks letter
FOI-15-0591. Do not resuscitate orders letter

2. Resuscitation-Policy-V5.0-28Oct14 was supplied

FOI-15-060Contact information letter
FOI-15-061Do not attend appointments at Community hospitals letter
FOI-15-062Do not attend appointments at NDDH letter
FOI-15-063Wifi letter
FOI-15-064Community dental service letter
FOI-15-065Complaints procedure and reporting letter
FOI-15-066Business Intelligence and Data Quality letter
FOI-15-067Organisational Chart letter
FOI-15-068Hospital Thefts letter
FOI-15-069Spending on contract & agency staff letter
FOI-15-070Prescribing formulary letter
FOI-15-071Cancelled surgery letter
FOI-15-072Mental health attendance at A&E letter
FOI-15-073IT service desk and support letter
FOI-15-074Agency spend letter
FOI-15-075Printing, medical illustration and paper letter
FOI-15-076Mental Health Agency Staff letter
FOI-15-077Mental Health Agency or Temporary Staff letter
FOI-15-078Anaesthesia products dispensed letter
FOI-15-079Temporary Theatre staff spend letter
FOI-15-080Sexually transmitted diseases and infections letter
FOI-15-081Supply of nursing bank and agency staff letter
FOI-15-0821. FOI requests letter

2. FOI Annual Report – 2014-15

FOI-15-083Temporary theatre staff on 19th June letter
FOI-15-0841. Accessing operating theatres letter

2. Secure-Environment-Policy-v2.1-07Apr14 was supplied

3. Security-Identity-Badge-SOP-V1-07Apr14 was supplied

FOI-15-085Cancelled operations letter
FOI-15-086Agency spend and framework letter
FOI-15-087Delayed transfer of care patient letter
FOI-15-088Non-Fatal Gunshot Wounds letter
FOI-15-091MRSA letter
FOI-15-093Hospital closures beds staff losses letter
FOI-15-094IT Helpdesk and Desktop spend letter
FOI-15-095Interpreters letter
FOI-15-0961. Serious untoward incidents 2015 letter

2. Serious untoward incidents 2015

FOI-15-097Expenditure on prosthetics letter
FOI-15-098Agency staffing specific groups letter
FOI-15-100Sickness absence (and Musculoskeletal Disorders) letter
FOI-15-102Telephone landline providers & charging letter
FOI-15-103Management consultancy & pass through payments letter
FOI-15-104Pain Service waiting times letter
FOI-15-105Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Devices letter
FOI-15-106Chemotherapy nurses vacancies letter
FOI-15-107Posts on the Trust Board letter
FOI-15-108Adult hearing services questionnaire letter
FOI-15-109Complaints over the last 4 years letter
FOI-15-110Chest X-ray Reporting Policy letter
FOI-15-111Consultants for 7-Day week letter
FOI-15-112Food poisoning letter
FOI-15-113Staff structure chart letter
FOI-15-114Penalties for breaches of same sex accommodation guidance letter
FOI-15-115Fresh Fruit letter
FOI-15-116Weight loss operations letter
FOI-15-117Financial spend & forecast information letter
FOI-15-1181. NOACs in Cardiology, Haematology & Respiratory therapy letter

2. SW CV Network Guidance on 3 Novel Anticoagulants 2015 pdf1 was supplied

3. SCGDVT-pathwayamejuly-2009-draft1f was supplied

FOI-15-119Staff & Electronic Health Record spending letter
FOI-15-120Sun Burn letter
FOI-15-121Fleet Management letter
FOI-15-122Number of consultants opting out of weekend working letter
FOI-15-125Recycling and Waste support and maintenance contracts letter
FOI-15-126Compensation for staff work-related accidents letter
FOI-15-127Primary School children attending A & E after self-harming letter
FOI-15-128Organisation Chart letter
FOI-15-130Consultant cover in A & E at weekends letter
FOI-15-131Midwives supplied by an agency letter
FOI-15-132Number of consultants working in week 13-19 July letter
FOI-15-133Number of patients treated w Biologics & Biosimilars in last 6 months letter
FOI-15-134Contact details for Learning and Development Lead letter
FOI-15-135IT Contact Centre Spend letter
FOI-15-1361. Workforce capacity assessments letter

2. WRA 2012 NDHT

3. WRA template 2011 NDHT

4. WRA 2013 NDHT

5. Full-Estate-Strategy-document-8th-Feb-2013

FOI-15-1371. Perioperative bridging of warfarin guidelines letter

2. Perioperative-Anticoagulation-Guideline-V1.0-20Nov14 was supplied

FOI-15-138Corporate software applications letter
FOI-15-139Hysterectomy procedures letter
FOI-15-140Eye conditions letter
FOI-15-141Medical pump devices letter
FOI-15-142Public health funerals letter
FOI-15-143Clinical Excellence Award-Employer Based Award letter
FOI-15-144Senior nurse vacancies (Director of Nursing) letter
FOI-15-145Consultant leave letter
FOI-15-146Non-NICE funding for high-cost drugs letter
FOI-15-147Consultants letter
FOI-15-148Hip replacement operations letter
FOI-15-149Endoscopy units Audit letter
FOI-15-150Contracting with small and medium enterprises letter
FOI-15-152Non medical interim staff letter
FOI-15-153Building Services contracts letter
FOI-15-1541. Dementia letter

2. Dementia-Strategy-v2.1-12Jun13

FOI-15-155Prescribing growth hormones letter
FOI-15-156Legal Services Department letter
FOI-15-157Tender Information letter
FOI-15-158Locum Agencies letter
FOI-15-159Appointment breaches letter
FOI-15-160Living wage letter
FOI-15-161Staff and Agency Data 2014-15 letter
FOI-15-162Vending machines letter
FOI-15-163Consensual intercourse injuries letter
FOI-15-164Budget holders letter
FOI-15-165Venous thromboembolism (VTE) Annual Survey 2015 letter
FOI-15-166Bacterial Infections letter
FOI-15-1671. Cancer Access policy letter

2. Cancer services Operational Policy v 2.6July 15 was supplied

3. Patient-Access-Waiting-List-Policy-Elective-v2-1-25Mar15 was supplied

FOI-15-1681. Cancer Operational policy letter

2. Cancer services Operational Policy v 2.6July 15 was supplied

FOI-15-169NHS treatment of foreign nationals letter
FOI-15-170Growth hormone prescribing letter
FOI-15-171Crohns disease & ulcerative colitis prescribing letter
FOI-15-172Private patient income letter
FOI-15-174Monitoring of whistleblowing governance letter
FOI-15-175Agency staffing letter
FOI-15-176Barretts oesophagus letter
FOI-15-177HR, Payroll & BACS software contracts expiry dates letter
FOI-15-178Consultants and private practice letter
FOI-15-179Financial spend & forecast information (follow-up) letter
FOI-15-180Clinical waste collection tender letter
FOI-15-181Pharmacy staffing letter
FOI-15-182Nursing staff and Tier 2 Visas letter
FOI-15-183Delayed Transfer Of Care costs letter
FOI-15-184Nurse training and budgets letter
FOI-15-185Lead or champion for armed forces veterans or for military families letter
FOI-15-186Electronic order communications systems letter
FOI-15-187Catering contracts letter
FOI-15-188Director of Estates contact information letter
FOI-15-190Agency Nurses letter
FOI-15-191No Next of Kin letter
FOI-15-1921. Workforce questionnaire letter

2. Workforce questionnaire

FOI-15-193Psoriasis treatment letter
FOI-15-194Agency Spend letter
FOI-15-195Carbon monoxide poisoning letter
FOI-15-196Gallbladder surgeries letter
FOI-15-198Venous tourniquets letter
FOI-15-199PAS & EPR procurement letter
FOI-15-2001. Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Compliance Survey letter

2. VTE-Policy-v4.0-24Feb12 was supplied

3. dvt_and_pe_advice leaflet was supplied

FOI-15-201Parking fines letter
FOI-15-202Payments from pharmaceutical or medical device companies letter
FOI-15-203Safe midwife staffing for maternity settings letter
FOI-15-204Contracts awarded letter
FOI-15-205Parkinson’s Disease letter
FOI-15-206Energy efficiency projects letter
FOI-15-207Multiple Sclerosis Drugs letter
FOI-15-208Continence aids letter
FOI-15-209Prescribing Ursofalk letter
FOI-15-210Supply of agency staff letter
FOI-15-211Staff & Agency costs and numbers in last five years letter
FOI-15-212PC Power Management Software letter
FOI-15-213Software Contracts letter
FOI-15-214Multiple myeloma letter
FOI-15-215Transfer criteria from A&E to ITU letter
FOI-15-216Contracts for Banking Services, Audit Services & Card Processing Services letter
FOI-15-2171. Prostate Cancer & Nutrition letter

2. Uro-concology Service & MDT Operational Policy was supplied

3. Nutrition-Policy-v2.1-08Jan14 was supplied

4. Enteral-Feeding-Policy-v3-6-29Oct14 was supplied

5. hyperglycaemia-in-acute-adult-inpatients-requiring-TPN-guidelines-v1.2-03Sep13 was supplied

FOI-15-218Bed costs letter
FOI-15-219Charity donations to NHS Confederation & NHS Employers letter
FOI-15-220Capital project funding letter
FOI-15-221Linen & laundry services letter
FOI-15-222Overseas nurses letter
FOI-15-223Mental & behavioural disorder coding letter
FOI-15-2241. Cyber abuse & bullying letter

2. Bullying-Harassment-Policy-v3.2-01Mar12 was supplied

3. Social-Media-Use-Policy-v1.2-03Dec13 was supplied

FOI-15-225Carbon Monoxide – carboxyhaemoglobin letter
FOI-15-226CT, MRI, megavoltage scanning machines letter
FOI-15-227Physical attacks letter
FOI-15-229Electrical Medical Equipment contacts letter
FOI-15-230Dementia patients letter
FOI-15-231Injury Costs Recovery Scheme letter
FOI-15-232Head and neck cancer letter
FOI-15-233Doctors salaries letter
FOI-15-234Too heavy & large for procedure letter
FOI-15-235Software development & testing framework letter
FOI-15-236Pathology laboratories letter
FOI-15-237Mobile phones 2 letter
FOI-15-238Gainshare agreements with CCG letter
FOI-15-239Orthotics services & patients letter
FOI-15-240Contact email letter
FOI-15-2411. Risk Management at Corporate Level letter

2. NDHT RMC – 2.1 Corporate Risk Register Report Blank Template

FOI-15-242Mobile Device Usage & Hardware letter
FOI-15-243Internal major incident triggers letter
FOI-15-244Ultrasound picture charges letter
FOI-15-245Continence aids & assessments letter
FOI-15-246Locum nurses & carer agencies letter
FOI-15-247Exit packages letter
FOI-15-249Non clinical staff WTE and £ letter
FOI-15-251Board member recruitment letter
FOI-15-252Acute myocardial infarction – AMI letter
FOI-15-253Magnum beds letter
FOI-15-254Physiotherapy refurbishment contract letter
FOI-15-255Car park charges letter
FOI-15-256Patient meals and wastage letter
FOI-15-257IT Telecommunications services letter
FOI-15-258Imaging scanners letter
FOI-15-259Trusts surplus and deficit letter
FOI-15-260Neck of femur fracture & FICB care letter
FOI-15-261Trust board expenses letter
FOI-15-262Orthotics services follow-up request letter
FOI-15-263Referrals to specific departments within NDHT letter
FOI-15-264Electronic medical record (EMR) system letter
FOI-15-265Delayed transfers of care costs letter
FOI-15-2661. Operations letter

2. Q2 Cancellations

FOI-15-267Non-small-cell lung carcinoma letter
FOI-15-268Delayed discharges under Section 5 Community Care Act letter
FOI-15-269Agency nurse spending by acute & community hospital letter
FOI-15-270Overpayments to ex-employees letter
FOI-15-271External contractors list letter
FOI-15-272Expenses claimed by external contractors letter
FOI-15-273Transport costs of medical supplies between hospitals letter
FOI-15-274Roll cages, beds, lockers, waste bins & trolley purchase contracts letter
FOI-15-275Renal cell carcinoma specialist nurses letter
FOI-15-276Maternity Unit closed to admissions letter
FOI-15-277Staff flu vaccinations letter
FOI-15-278Appointments, treatments and visits letter
FOI-15-279Mental, learning disability & physical health services letter
FOI-15-280Maternity Services staffing letter
FOI-15-281Vacant doctor posts letter
FOI-15-283Maternity training letter
FOI-15-285Vascular closure devices letter
FOI-15-286Patient discharges letter
FOI-15-287Digitising the NHS letter
FOI-15-288Temporary staffing letter
FOI-15-289Electronic document management strategy letter
FOI-15-290Human Trafficking Policy letter
FOI-15-291Vacancies in hospitals letter
FOI-15-292Biologics and biosimilar prescribing – Infliximab letter
FOI-15-294A&E waiting and delays letter
FOI-15-295Abandoned motor vehicles letter
FOI-15-296Haemorrhoid treatment procedures letter
FOI-15-297Local Area Network (LAN) maintenance & services contract letter
FOI-15-298Pathology services letter
FOI-15-299Prosthetists & Orthotists Employed letter
FOI-15-300Dermatology Treatment letter
FOI-15-301Safe Staffing letter
FOI-15-302Medical Locum pay rates letter
FOI-15-3031. Staff grievance procedure and complaints letter

2. Grievance-Policy-Procedure-v1.8-26Jun15 was supplied

FOI-15-304Intra-vitreal vials & implants letter
FOI-15-305Budget for patients’ meals letter
FOI-15-306Agency Nursing Staff costs letter
FOI-15-307Full-time equivalent nursing staff letter
FOI-15-308Estates and Facilities Management organisation chart letter
FOI-15-310Bariatric equipment spend letter
FOI-15-311Finance department structure chart letter
FOI-15-312KTP laser for Cholesteatoma surgeries letter
FOI-15-313Cholesteatoma procedures letter
FOI-15-314Infant deaths and bereavement suite letter
FOI-15-315Nursing staff recruitment agencies & pay caps letter
FOI-15-316Dinitrophenol (DNP) letter
FOI-15-317Preventing patients being identified in media reports letter
FOI-15-318Use of hand held devices letter
FOI-15-3191. Cows Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) letter

2. BSACI guideline

3. CMA-MAP Algorithms Oct version

FOI-15-3201. Patient Choice & NICE Compliance – Survey letter

2. NICE-Guidance-Implementation-Policy-v3.1-28Mar12 was supplied

FOI-15-321Telephone Maintenance Contract Update 15-16 letter
FOI-15-322Cataract surgery letter
FOI-15-323Software letter
FOI-15-324Overseas visitors care – the Immigration Act 2014 letter
FOI-15-325Financing of the overseas visitor management team letter
FOI-15-326Financial Services letter
FOI-15-3271. Medicine Student Timetables letter

2. NDHT Academic timetable 2014-15

3. NDHT Cardiology Student Programme

FOI-15-328Doctors recruitment, vacancies and spend letter
FOI-15-329A&E waiting and delays 2 letter
FOI-15-330Overseas patient treatment costs letter
FOI-15-331Service Pressures at Ilfracombe MIU letter
FOI-15-3321. Mobile applications letter

2. Mobile Applications List

FOI-15-333Reasonable adjustments for people with learning disabilities letter
FOI-15-334Urine sample testing letter
FOI-15-335Genealogical companies letter
FOI-15-336Patient letter communications letter
FOI-15-337Serious untoward incidents letter
FOI-15-338Diabetes related amputations letter
FOI-15-339Multiple Sclerosis disease modifying drugs letter
FOI-15-340Self funding of cataract procedures letter
FOI-15-341Agency nurse spending rules letter
FOI-15-342Compensation claims for negligence letter
FOI-15-344Accident & Emergency waiting times letter
FOI-15-346Never events letter
FOI-15-347Paediatric bariatric surgery letter
FOI-15-348Asset and FOI software letter
FOI-15-349NHS staff injury letter
FOI-15-350Losses and special payments letter
FOI-15-351Antibiotic resistant bacterial infections letter
FOI-15-3521. Knee Replacement Surgery protocol letter

2. 41641 North Devon JP Knee Guide_4 FINAL

FOI-15-353Overseas nurses Tier 2 visas letter
FOI-15-354Monitor financial plan and funding letter
FOI-15-355Human trafficking and modern slavery training letter
FOI-15-3561. Formaldehyde and Formalin use letter

2. Formaldehyde COSHH

3. Risk Assessment Handling and storage

FOI-15-357Tier 2 Visa staff numbers letter
FOI-15-358Prostate cancer treatment letter
FOI-15-359Expenditure on Interim managers letter
FOI-15-360Printing services letter
FOI-15-361Private healthcare market investigation letter
FOI-15-362Ectopic pregnancy treatment letter
FOI-15-363Junior Doctor Absence letter
FOI-15-364People who have been physically restrained while patients letter
FOI-15-365Hospitals and falls prevention & monitors letter
FOI-15-366Acute Learning Disability Liaison Nurses letter
FOI-15-367Human Trafficking Training letter
FOI-15-368Nursing & HCA services letter
FOI-15-369TARGeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy letter
FOI-15-370Monitoring Patient CO2 letter
FOI-15-372Agency-temporary-locum doctors in A&E letter
FOI-15-373Media licensing (NLA & CLA) letter
FOI-15-374Locum AHP and HSS staff spend letter
FOI-15-375Inpatient Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery letter
FOI-15-377Delays in transfer of care letter
FOI-15-378Legal proceedings letter
FOI-15-379Fitness to practice letter
FOI-15-380Board membership letter
FOI-15-381Criminal records letter
FOI-15-382Under 16s and Sexually Transmitted Diseases letter
FOI-15-383Action Cerebral Palsy letter
FOI-15-384Patients from Care Homes letter
FOI-15-385Allied Health Professional agency staff spending letter
FOI-15-386Patient entertainment systems letter
FOI-15-387Physical attacks on Trust premises letter
FOI-15-388IT Spend and Information Security letter
FOI-15-389Staff Car parking letter
FOI-15-390Doctors, nurses and translation services letter
FOI-15-391Cataract Procedures letter
FOI-15-392Diabetic maculopathy & Wet AMD letter
FOI-15-393Board members and Executive Directors letter
FOI-15-394Agency and Bank Workers letter
FOI-15-395Overseas Visitors letter
FOI-15-396Mothers discharged from Maternity Units letter
FOI-15-3971. Patient Discharge Policy letter

2. Discharge Policy V4.1R 12Nov14 was supplied

FOI-15-398Delayed discharges, reasons and alerts for Jan & Feb letter
FOI-15-3991. Bed management Policy letter

2. R – NDHCT Capacity Plan 2015-16

FOI-15-400Patients not ordinarily resident in the UK letter
FOI-15-401Hip implant revisions letter
FOI-15-402Patient letter transcription letter
FOI-15-403CHC fast track referrals letter
FOI-15-4041. Diagnostic Imaging letter

2. Diagnostic Imaging spreadsheet 2014-15

FOI-15-405Chronic Fatigue Syndrome letter
FOI-15-406Thefts letter
FOI-15-407Eye Conditions & Treatments letter
FOI-15-408Fleet Info letter
FOI-15-40952 week wait & cancelled cancer operations letter
FOI-15-410Laparoscopy operations letter
FOI-15-411RIDDOR reports letter
FOI-15-412Haemorrhoid surgeries for 2014 letter
FOI-15-413Pay banding appeals for junior doctors letter
FOI-15-4141. Job descriptions letter

2. Director of IMT Job Description

FOI-15-415Cancer diagnosis and treatment letter
FOI-15-4161. Cancelled Operations letter

2. Q1 Table Cancelled Operations FOI-15-416

3. Q2 Table Cancelled Operations FOI-15-416

4. Q3 Table Cancelled Operations FOI-15-416

5.Q4 Table Cancelled Operations FOI-15-416

6. Q5 Table Cancelled Operations FOI-15-416

7. Q6 Table Cancelled Operations FOI-15-416

FOI-15-417Haemorrhoid surgeries for 2015 letter
FOI-15-418Physical assaults on staff letter
FOI-15-419Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) letter
FOI-15-420Discharge policy and impact letter
FOI-15-421Elective surgery letter
FOI-15-422Drug addiction babies letter
FOI-15-423Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) patients letter
FOI-15-425Termination of pregnancies letter
FOI-15-426Maternity units letter
FOI-15-427Colour blindness policy for doctors letter
FOI-15-4281. Patient attendances and bed occupancy letter

2. Guidance

3. OP Clinics

4. OP Attendances

5. Ward Attenders

6. A&E

7. IP Elective

8. IP Day Cases

9. IP Emergency

FOI-15-429Babies born weighing 12lbs or more letter
FOI-15-431Workforce staffing and activity letter


Last updated: March 8, 2018