Disclosure log 2014

Our disclosure log lists our responses to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which we feel are of wider public interest.


ReferenceSubject title
FOI-14-320IT Contracts letter
FOI-14-319SSD Services letter
FOI-14-318Procedures – Anaesthesia letter
FOI-14-316Contract with Viridor letter
FOI-14-315ICD-10 Code W54 Stats letter
FOI-14-3141. Hand Hygiene Audits letter

2. FULL combined moments query

3. NDHT hand hygiene audit data by year

4. Hand Hygiene Audit Form

FOI-14-313Construction Procurement Activities letter
FOI-14-312Fines – Failing to Meet Contract Targets letter
FOI-14-3111. Mobile Devices Policy letter

2. Mobile Device Policy v1 0 was supplied

3. ndht_mobile_device_policy_v05

FOI-14-310Laproscopic Hernia Surgery Episodes letter
FOI-14-308Smoking Policy Breaches letter
FOI-14-306Obese Patients letter
FOI-14-305Locum Agency Staff letter
FOI-14-304Recruitment of Nursing Staff – International letter
FOI-14-303Outsourced Elective to Independent Providers letter
FOI-14-302Agency Locum spending letter
FOI-14-301Finance Estates PFI letter
FOI-14-299Benchmarking tools letter
FOI-14-298Hypercholsterolemia letter
FOI-14-297Teenage Drinking letter
FOI-14-296Foreign Nationals Using the NHS Maternity letter
FOI-14-293Recovery of NHS Charges letter
FOI-14-292Crediton hospital in patients letter
FOI-14-291Missing property claims letter
FOI-14-290Sick days for stress letter
FOI-14-289IT department structure & plans letter
FOI-14-288Staff Thefts letter
FOI-14-2871. Board Member Salaries letter

2. Annual-Report-2013-14

FOI-14-286Private Patient Income letter
FOI-14-285Liver Disease letter
FOI-14-284Meat Products letter
FOI-14-282Staff Info on eRoster letter
FOI-14-281Locum and Agency Staff Pay letter
FOI-14-280Head Injuries from Sporting Incidents letter
FOI-14-279Agency Staff Spending 2014 letter
FOI-14-278Hip Replacement Surgery letter
FOI-14-277Colorectal Cancer Patients letter
FOI-14-276Cancer Patients letter
FOI-14-275Obese Patients letter
FOI-14-274Inpatient Suicides letter
FOI-14-2731. Communications letter

2. A1 Email AD to RF 28 05 14

3. A2 Ltr Tim Burke to RF 28 11 14 re NDHT Governance Assurance

4. A3 Ltr RF to Tim Burke 05 12 14

5. A4 Ltr Tim Burke to RF 23 12 14

6. A5 Ltr RF to Tim Burke 05 01 15

7. A6 Ltr R Harriott to RF – 29 01 15

8. A7 Ltr RF to R Harriott 3 Feb 2015

FOI-14-272Overseas Visitors Treatment costs letter
FOI-14-271Staff Responsible for Efficienty & Savings letter
FOI-14-270Leased Retail & Commercial Spaces letter
FOI-14-269Parking Permits letter
FOI-14-268Inpatients Self-Discharge letter
FOI-14-267Qualified Nurses Working for Agency letter
FOI-14-266Waiting Times for Procedures letter
FOI-14-265Bank Staff Spending letter
FOI-14-264Private Patient Income letter
FOI-14-263Adult Critical Care Beds letter
FOI-14-262Learning Disabilities letter
FOI-14-261Thefts from Hospital letter
FOI-14-260Hearing Aids Letter
FOI-14-259ICT Contracts letter
FOI-14-258Telephone Maintenance letter
FOI-14-2571. Doctors in training letter

2. Master Diary card[2]

3. Cover Letter

FOI-14-2561. IT training letter

2. Revised Proposal – 2014 10 23[2]

FOI-14-255Self-funded cataract surgery letter
FOI-14-254Staff sickness letter final
FOI-14-253Trust complaint to Monitor letter
FOI-14-252Babies Born with Obesity letter
FOI-14-2511. Patient Safety Risk letter

2. Risk Management Policy v2.2 11Feb13 was supplied

FOI-14-250Hearing Aid letter
FOI-14-249IT Disposal letter
FOI-14-248DNR Orders letter
FOI-14-247Staff Uniforms letter
FOI-14-246Translation Services letter
FOI-14-245SNR Management Org letter
FOI-14-244Food Expenditure and Waste letter
FOI-14-2431. ICT Documents

2. Board Briefing Handouts MJ

3. IMT SG Feb 2015 Update v05

4. Revised Structure Proposal – 2014 10 23 MS 26Feb15

FOI-14-242Mobile Phones letter
FOI-14-241Obese Children Admissions letter
FOI-14-240RIDDOR Reporting
FOI-14-239Clinical Trials letter
FOI-14-238Doctors Sickness[2]
FOI-14-237Cancer Nursing Workforce
FOI-14-236A&E four hour limit rating letter 2
FOI-14-235Chaplaincy services letter
FOI-14-234Acute bed occupancy 2010-2014 letter
FOI-14-233Oncology services letter
FOI-14-232Growth Hormone Deficiency – Somatropin Prescribing letter
FOI-14-231Malignant neoplasm operations cancelled letter
FOI-14-230Foreign nationals using the NHS letter
FOI-14-229Lynch syndrome testing letter
FOI-14-228Non-Medical Prescribers letter
FOI-14-227Intra-vitreal injections & implants letter
FOI-14-226Drunk A&E attendances letter
FOI-14-225Multiple Sclerosis Drugs letter
FOI-14-224A&E staffing between Christmas & New year letter
FOI-14-223Language interpreters for patients during consultation letter
FOI-14-222Clinical & managerial leads letter
FOI-14-221Medical Locum Agencies letter
FOI-14-220Parking at NDDH letter 290115
FOI-14-218Major and Internal incidents letter
FOI-14-217Healthcare product supply letter
FOI-14-216Cancelled operations 2 letter
FOI-14-215External Hosting 2 letter
FOI-14-214Delivery drivers letter
FOI-14-212Vehicle fleet management letter
FOI-14-211Chaplaincy service provision letter
FOI-14-210Reverse Osmosis systems letter
FOI-14-2081. Tyrrell Hospital transfer of ownership letter
FOI-14-206Number of ECG Machines letter
FOI-14-205Benchmarking Request Dr Foster etc letter
FOI-14-204Free WiFi letter
FOI-14-203Whipton Community Hospital Discharges to Greenslades Nursing Home letter
FOI-14-202Multi-disciplinary teams letter
FOI-14-201Episodes of Haemorrhoid Surgeries letter
FOI-14-200Ophthalmology Services letter
FOI-14-199Trust use of Agency Nurses & Locum Doctors letter
FOI-14-198Recruitment of nurses letter
FOI-14-197Hourly Rate for Waiting List Initiative letter
FOI-14-196Authorised Payment to Chairman or Non-Exec’s letter
FOI-14-195No. of Pts treated with Biologics letter
FOI-14-194Nutritional information for baby feeding letter
FOI-14-193Medical photography 27.03.15
FOI-14-192Axminster hospital staff organisation chart list letter
FOI-14-191Organisation staffing structure letter
FOI-14-190Managers organisation chart & contact details letter
FOI-14-189Drug misuse treatment services letter
FOI-14-188IT Infrastructure letter
FOI-14-187Non clinical staff remunerations of £100,000+ letter
FOI-14-186Pathology performance indicator letter
FOI-14-185Ottery St Mary hospital use in future letter
FOI-14-184Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) letter
FOI-14-183Physicians Assistant in anaesthesia letter
FOI-14-182Inpatients with pressure sores letter
FOI-14-181Pension auto-enrolment letter
FOI-14-177Pest controller call outs letter
FOI-14-176Imaging services letter
FOI-14-175Pregnant women attending 8-week appointments letter
FOI-14-174Neonatal Services Expenditure letter
FOI-14-173Radiotherapy treatment letter
FOI-14-172Radiotherapy machines letter
FOI-14-1711. Medical photography letter

2. Consent-Policy-v3.3-28Aug14 was supplied

FOI-14-1701. Data quality letter

Data Quality Policy and Procedure was supplied

FOI-14-169Viscosupplementation injections letter
FOI-14-168Child & adolescent admissions letter
FOI-14-167Cancer services letter
FOI-14-166Recruitment of nurses letter
FOI-14-1651. Bed Acuity Audit Reports for Ottery St Mary letter

2. Honiton & Ottery St.Mary Community Hospital Patient Profile Audit 25Nov14

FOI-14-164Eyelift operations letter
FOI-14-163Financial accounting system letter
FOI-14-162Botulinum toxin A drugs data letter
FOI-14-161Display names of responsible clinician and nurse letter
FOI-14-160Agency spending, staffing levels and rates letter
FOI-14-159Non-emergency patient transport letter
FOI-14-158Appendectomies letter
FOI-14-157Staffing vacancies letter
FOI-14-156Cataract operations – mobile unit letter
FOI-14-155Remunerations of £100,000+ letter
FOI-14-154Freedom of Information requests letter
FOI-14-153Contraceptive implant for under 18s letter
FOI-14-1521. Thrombosis (APPTG) Annual Survey 2014 letter

2. VTE-Policy-v4.0-24Feb12 was supplied

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism: Risks, Prevention and Treatment leaflet was supplied

FOI-14-151Eye operations and the Vanguard Unit letter
FOI-14-150Patient Transport Services letter
FOI-14-148Substance abuse letter
FOI-14-147Negligence cases letter
FOI-14-146Overnight stay policy letter
FOI-14-144Interpreters letter
FOI-14-143Expenditure over £25000 letter
FOI-14-142Musculoskeletal physiotherapy letter
FOI-14-141Ulcerative Colitis & Crohns disease letter
FOI-14-140Medical imaging procurement letter
FOI-14-139Senior clinical fellows in Orthopaedics & Trauma letter
FOI-14-138Private patients letter
FOI-14-137Diagnostic imaging equipment letter
FOI-14-136Haemochromatosis patients letter
FOI-14-135Business directory & funeral directors letter
FOI-14-134Botulinum toxin A drugs letter
FOI-14-133Eye clinics & cataract surgery provision survey letter
FOI-14-132Pre-operative skin preparation products used in theatres letter
FOI-14-131Vacancies in A&E letter
FOI-14-130Pathology Services Contract letter
FOI-14-129Funded nursing staff numbers letter
FOI-14-128Pain treatment drugs letter
FOI-14-127Maternity Services capacity letter
FOI-14-125Incidents of theft letter
FOI-14-123Agency Nursing staff spending letter
FOI-14-122Overseas Recruitment letter
FOI-14-121Nursing Vacancies letter
FOI-14-120External consultants fees letter
FOI-14-119Spend on electrical materials letter
FOI-14-1181. Endocarditis secondary to Viridans streptococci letter

2. NDHT Viridans strep from blood cultures Jan 2000 – Aug 2014

FOI-14-117Anaesthesia procedures letter
FOI-14-116Locum & agency staffing in Pharmacy letter
FOI-14-115Compulsory Purchase Orders letter
FOI-14-114Decontamination & sterilisation services letter
FOI-14-113New oral anti-coagulants letter
FOI-14-112Intra-vitreal injections & implants letter
FOI-14-112Income from car parking letter
FOI-14-110Chemotherapy Unit sub-contractors letter
FOI-14-109Parkinsons Disease letter
FOI-14-107Costs of bidding in procurements & tenders letter
FOI-14-1061. Consultant contracts letter

2. Consultant Contract Aug 2014

FOI-14-105Serious Incidents & risks letter
FOI-14-104Inguinal hernias letter
FOI-14-103Ketamine abuse and operations letter
FOI-14-102EPR program and NPfIT letter
FOI-14-101Survey of adult trauma patients letter
FOI-14-100Contract dates letter
FOI-14-099Code red status letter
FOI-14-098Staffing of A&E department letter
FOI-14-097Surgical procedures & spinal operations letter
FOI-14-096Tattoo removal treatment letter
FOI-14-095Female Genital Mutilation letter
FOI-14-094Invoice expenditure letter
FOI-14-093Spend on bariatric equipment letter
FOI-14-092Cases of Endocarditis secondary to Viridans streptococci letter
FOI-14-090Midwifery joint working with Childrens Centres letter
FOI-14-089Guidelines for Intermittent Self-Catheterisation letter
FOI-14-088Children admitted with malnutrition letter
FOI-14-087IT Equipment & Drop Box
FOI-14-0863D Printers
FOI-14-085General Finance
FOI-14-084spend on patient transport letter
FOI-14-083Rate of nerve damage letter
FOI-14-0821. Ante Natal Bookings Letter

2. Spreadsheet

FOI-14-081BYOD letter
FOI-14-080List of Consultants letter
FOI-14-079Early Warning Score letter
FOI-14-078Colposcopy appointments letter
FOI-14-077Metastatic Melanoma Drugs letter
FOI-14-076Private Ambulance companies letter
FOI-14-075Torrington day clinics revised letter
FOI-14-0741. ICT configuration letter

2. ICT configuration NDHT spreadsheet

FOI-14-073Board members letter
FOI-14-072Windows XP letter
FOI-14-071Information leaflets letter
FOI-14-070Overnight discharges letter
FOI-14-069Multiple Sclerosis Drugs letter
FOI-14-068Redundancies letter
FOI-14-067Pest control letter
FOI-14-066Rheumatology services best practice tariffs letter
FOI-14-0651. Referral appointments letter Final

2. Spreadsheet

FOI-14-064Referrals to private providers letter
FOI-14-063ENT – Otolaryngology Department medical staffing letter
FOI-14-062Penicillin allergy letter
FOI-14-061Information, Procurement & Records officers letter
FOI-14-0601. Ophthalmology Services follow-up letter

2. Patient-Access-WL-Policy-Elective-v1.7-03Sep10 was supplied

FOI-14-059Private patient income letter
FOI-14-058NHS Ophthalmology Services letter
FOI-14-057Midwives letter
FOI-14-056Mobile phones letter

2. Agency locum doctors letter

FOI-14-055External Hosting letter
FOI-14-054Dates of hospital buildings and renovations letter
FOI-14-053IT & temporary staff letter
FOI-14-052Work patterns of doctors letter
FOI-14-051Car lease scheme letter
FOI-14-050Full time employees letter
FOI-14-049Inpatient surgeries for hernia and haemorroids letter
FOI-14-0481. Cancer Drugs Fund letter

2. CDF 2011

3. CDF 2012

4. CDF 2013

5. CDF 2014

FOI-14-047Colorectal Cancer treatments letter
FOI-14-0461. NHS England Technology Fund letter

2. ntf-1-fin-anlys NDHT v05

3. ntf-1-vfm-anl NDHT v05

4. ntf-NDHT-appfrom draft v0 6

FOI-14-045Ophthalmology services & management letter
FOI-14-0441. E-cigarette ban decision letter

2. email e-cig 2012.7.20 a REDACTED

3. email e-cig 2012.7.20 b REDACTED

4. email e-cig 2012.7.20 c REDACTED

5. email e-cig 2012.8.6 REDACTED

6. Minute from the Execs meeting held on 28 March 2012

FOI-14-043Expectant mothers and alcohol letter
FOI-14-042Sepsis and septic shock letter
FOI-14-041Staff sickness letter
FOI-14-040Clinical Nurse Specialists letter
FOI-14-039Maternity figures letter
FOI-14-0381. IT Staffing & Preferred Supplier List letter

2. IMT Plan Update

FOI-14-037Dental care services letter
FOI-14-036Hospital bed purchases letter
FOI-14-035Pressure Ulcers letter
FOI-14-034Innovation, Health & Wealth Survey letter
FOI-14-033Car parking charges letter
FOI-14-032Drug perscriptions for children letter
FOI-14-031Agency & Locum shifts letter
FOI-14-030Admissions & discharges from Community hospitals letter
FOI-14-029Torrington funding and Impact assessment letter
FOI-14-028Estates & facilities contacts letter
FOI-14-027IT organisation & projects letter
FOI-14-026IT storage systems letter
FOI-14-025Pregnancy data letter
FOI-14-024Pay protection letter
FOI-14-023Ophthalmology drugs and treatments
FOI-14-022SAS grade vacancies & posts letter
FOI-14-021Car parking letter
FOI-14-020Haemorrhoid Surgery letter
FOI-14-019Babies with neonatal withdrawal symptoms letter
FOI-14-018Staff breaches of the Data Protection Act letter
FOI-14-017Treatment with Biologics letter
FOI-14-016Senior management structure letter
FOI-14-015A&E handover times letter
FOI-14-014Guardline acquisition letter
FOI-14-013Births and mother nationalities letter
FOI-14-012Private Patient Tariff 2014-15 letter

price List 2014-15

FOI-14-011Complaint costs letter



FOI-14-010Hospital episode statistics letter
FOI-14-009Business Plan 2013-2014 letter

IBP 2012-18 Redacted for public sharing

FOI-14-008Chronic Eczema drugs letter
FOI-14-007Private treatment services letter
FOI-14-006Carbon footprint letter
FOI-14-004Tranexamic acid and bleeding trauma letter
FOI-14-003Cancer treatments letter
FOI-14-002Drug sales to buyers outside the UK letter
FOI-14-001Contractor supply chain monitoring & payments letter


Last updated: March 8, 2018