Who do we share personal information with and why ?

Our Trust shares personal information with a range of organisations.  We will always endeavour to share the minimum amount of personal information required, anonymising where necessary.

Electronic Staff Record

On commencement of employment with the Trust, your personal data will be uploaded to the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).  ESR is a workforce solution for the NHS which is used by the Trust to effectively manage the workforce leading to improved efficiency and improved patient safety.


In accepting employment with the Trust, you accept that the following personal data will be transferred under the Streamlining programme if your employment transfers to another NHS organisation:

–           Occupational Health immunisations and vaccinations data

–           NHS ESR Reference data

–           Payroll data

–           Mandatory and statutory training competency data

Streamlining is the process by which certain personal data is transferred from one NHS organisation to another when your employment transfers. NHS organisations have a legitimate interest in processing your data in this way in establishing the employment of a suitable workforce. The Streamlining programme is a data sharing arrangement which is aimed at improving efficiencies within the NHS both to make costs savings for Trusts but also to save you time when your employment transfers.”

Last updated: August 3, 2018