NDHT achieves high scores in national CQC inpatient survey

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust (NDHT) has scored higher than other trusts in no fewer than 13 questions within the latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) inpatient survey.

Furthermore, there were no areas in which NDHT was seen as worse than other trusts.

Suzanne Tracey, NDHT chief executive officer, said: “We are extremely pleased and proud of these results.

“Every member of staff at NDHT works tirelessly to deliver compassionate and quality care and to be better or somewhat better than other trusts in so many areas in this year’s CQC inpatient survey is a testament to the hard work of all those staff involved.

“Everyone involved should be proud of their achievements, particularly in the light of the challenging year we have had. Well done to all concerned.”

In total, 591 Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust inpatients responded to the survey and the response rate for NDHT was 48.96%, higher than the national response rate of 46%.

NDHT’s results werebetter than most trusts’ for seven questions:

  • To what extent did staff looking after you involve you in decisions about your care and treatment?
  • Did you have confidence and trust in the nurses treating you?
  • When you asked nurses questions, did you get answers you could understand?
  • Did you get enough help from staff to wash or keep yourself clean?
  • During your time in hospital, did you get enough to drink?
  • Thinking about your care and treatment, were you told something by a member of staff that was different to what you had been told by another member of staff?
  • To what extent did hospital staff take your family or home situation into account when planning for you to leave hospital?

The Trust also scored ‘somewhat better than most trusts’ for a further six questions:

  • Did you feel able to talk to members of hospital staff about your worries and fears?
  • Do you think the hospital staff did everything they could to help control your pain?
  • Did the hospital staff explain the reasons for changing wards during the night in a way that you could understand?
  • Were you offered food that met any dietary requirements that you had?
  • Did hospital staff discuss with you whether you would need any additional equipment in your home, or any changes to your home, after leaving the hospital?
  • Were you given enough notice about when you were going to leave the hospital?

Significantly, NDHT did not score ‘worse’, ‘somewhat worse’ or ‘much worse’ than other trusts in any area. A change in the way the survey was conducted means that it is not possible to compare it with previous results.

You can read the full survey results at:  https://www.cqc.org.uk/publications/surveys/adult-inpatient-survey-2020


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Last updated: October 22, 2021