Nurse seeks help from Barnstaple Lions Club to give young patient a supercar thrill

A young patient at North Devon District Hospital had a welcome distraction from his treatment after a nurse arranged for him to be taken for a spin out in McLaren MP4-12C supercar.

Jaidan Williams, aged 17 , has been undergoing treatment for two years for Pilonidal abscess disease and recently underwent surgery. He lost his mother in 2017, and his grandmother also died suddenly.

Rebecca Taylor, a community children’s nurse at North Devon District Hospital, explained: “I have been seeing this young man for over two years and he’s had a really rough time. He loves cars and I just wanted to do something special for him.”

Rebecca contacted the Barnstaple Lions Club, where a members wife contacted a former work colleague in Basingstoke who is a member of  the charity Sporting Bears and fellow petrol head. Sporting bears contacted James Tucker, a supporter of the charity and resident of Lynton, who readily agreed to help by offering Jaiden a ride in his Ferrari or the Mclaren, Jaiden choose the Mclaren so James came along to the hospital on Tuesday April 27 with his McLaren MP4-12C sports car to give Jaidan the ride of a lifetime.

James Tucker, Jaidan Williams and Rebecca Taylor with James' McLaren outside NDDH

James Tucker, Jaidan Williams and Rebecca Taylor with James’ McLaren outside NDDH

As he set off for the ride, Jaidan said: ““I’m feeling really excited, I’ve never been in a sports car. This is unbelievable. I’d like to say thank you so very much for this opportunity.”

Rebecca added: “It’s been a hard few years for him. I just wanted to give him something to look forward to and I know he is really into cars. Thank you to everyone for making this possible for Jaidan.”

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Last updated: May 4, 2021