plant in a pot

Grow your own peppers and tomatoes!

Next time your making your salad or cooking your chilli, carefully take the seeds from the pepper and tomato, separate them (obviously!) and place them onto a piece of kitchen roll. Let them dry for a couple of days. In a flower pot, (or any other type of suitable container) fill with a mixture of moist peat free compost and grit, gently pop the seeds on top, and cover with either grit or 1/4 inch of compost. Cover the pot with cling film and pop on a warm window sill out of direct sunlight. Label them! Ensure the compost is kept moist, then wait and watch! Nature will do her thing, and you will have seedlings in no time at all, these will need pricking out when leaflets are formed and you can then pot them up as they get bigger, leaving you feeling accomplished and heartened that despite all, nature is still miraculous! you can then nurture them along, and come the summer much on your own grown crops!

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Last updated: March 3, 2021