Throughout lockdown I have found it therapeutic to go through all the items I own and remove anything that ‘doesn’t spark joy’. I’ve been through my closet and removed anything that I haven’t worn in over 2 years as well as things that don’t suit me anymore. We have also tackled the loft which was full of memories and things we didn’t even know we had!! Finding cherished memories allowed us to reminisce on old times as well as making us appreciate what we have now. This spurs us on to keep to the guidelines so that one day we can see our family and friends again to make memories.

I have either donated these items to charity or sold them on various different websites such as eBay, Facebook market place or Vinted to make some extra spending money for when lockdown is lifted. I keep all my profits in a separate account so that this can be spent on spending time with others when we are allowed to do so again.

By doing this activity it has allowed me to truly appreciate all the things around me but it also makes me feel as if I am leaving this chapter of my life with as a new person (with less stuff!!).

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Last updated: March 12, 2021