Get moving as often as possible!

Exercising isn’t just about weight loss! Everyone knows exercise releases endorphins, and right now we all need endorphins more than ever.

Trying to get active as many times a week as possible is a great way to stay positive and look after your wellbeing. Getting active isn’t just about going to the gym – it’s going for a bike ride, its doing some yoga, its getting out for a walk on the beach or up Codden Hill or round your local area, its putting on a 30 minute YouTube video and sweating in the living room doing some Zumba or dance fitness and getting everyone involved!

Having been very low in mood and even had time out of work in the past due to this – nothing helped me more than getting active! You might not feel like it after a 12 hour shift or between night shifts – and that is okay! Just try and get active for a minimum of 30 minutes as many times a week as possible and you’ll see a change in your mood!

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Last updated: February 22, 2021