Using Social media to connect with colleagues and friends

Social media can be huge force for good, but as we know can have a hugely negative impact on our wellbeing if not used carefully.

I manage our department Twitter account but I’m also a big fan of Facebook. These platforms have enabled me to connect with colleagues, not just to talk work but to share good things that have/are happening or just to know that there is someone out there that understands – a virtual hug can be such a help.

My top tips for getting the best out of social media:


Mute words you don’t want to read about, this will really curate your feed
Block accounts that you really don’t want to interact with or if they share content you are not comfortable with
Create lists of your favourite accounts – you can then just look at the updates from those accounts


There are so many wonderful groups on facebook – if you have a hobby there will be a group or page of like-minded people on there. I love photography and hiking and I really feel a part of a community in the groups I’m in, we even did a secret santa this year, none of us had ever met in real life, it was so uplifting to be a part of it.

You don’t have to use your full, real name on facebook – use a variation of your name, that way you are in control of who can find you and when you are in a group, how much you choose to share is in your power.

Have you privacy settings at the highest level

Block those accounts that don’t benefit your mental health or wellbeing.

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Last updated: January 19, 2021