Room 909, Stay connected with colleagues

Our team hold a 30 minute virtual chat room called Room 909. We do ours currently every 2 weeks and alternate the days so as many people can join in at some point if they are part time. We have a mixture on non-clinical and clinical teams, and have had representation at the teams nearly by every team. It is completely optional, and I started it by sending an email to all the team offering them to be added to a Microsoft Teams page, IT helpdesk kindly set the team up and myself and one other person were then the owners of the team and we could then add our colleagues who wanted to join the room 909 . Then on the day of the room 909 they just go into the team on MS teams and click join meeting or meet on the top right hand side if the meeting hasn’t started. I try to send a reminder a few days before.

It has been going really well and feedback has been good, we talk about everything other than work, however you can facilitate it however you like. I have included some details surrounding Room 909 from the blog, hope it helps.The blog 909 explained the following:

Virtual meeting with no agenda

They did every day in the height of Covid

The ability to connect with 60 people but most days saw 15 – 20 staff participate, paediatric intensive care unit

At the beginning the only rule was connection, and to check in with people

What they spoke about:

Fun stuff, what people had been up to outside of work

The blog article can be found at:

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Last updated: January 19, 2021